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SGA 2014-14

Spring 2014 Election Results - April 18, 2014

Student Activity Fee Referendum - 220 Votes Cast 


Total Votes








 SGA Election Results – 2014/15 Members - 298 votes cast

Position/Candidate Total Votes Percentage
Caroline Wiley 85 28.52%
Gabrielle Deimeke 100 33.56%
Javier Cardenas 85 28.52%
Caleb Hirsch 5 1.68%
Vice President    
Jon Strauser 126 42.28%
Jenna Hopkins 132 44.30%
Joshua Merseal 163 54.70%
Juan Sebastian Granizo 93 31.21%
Director of Communications    
David Lambus 77 25.84%
Nicole Griffin 173 58.05%
Amy Clark 250 83.89%
Sergeant at Arms    
Alexander Bonney 145 48.66%
DeVon Haynes 118 39.60%
Student Organization Liaison    
Chandler Waite 157 52.68%
Robert Polzin 100 33.56
Position/Candidate Total Votes Percentage
Senator, College of Arts & Sciences    
Katherine Barry 232 77.85%
Javier Cardenas (Write-In)* 6 2.01%
Senator, GHW School of Business & Technology    
Anna Gaffney 168 56.38%
Mohammed Halid 140 46.98%
Senator, Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts    
Jennifer Kuberka (Write-In) 9 3.02%
No clear winner – position to be on Fall Ballot    
Senator, School of Communications    
Natasha Sykes 208 69.80%
Matt Proscino (Write-in) 7 2.35%
Senator, School of Education    
Caroline Wiley (Write-in) 3 1.01%
No clear winner – position to be on Fall Ballot    
Senator, Graduate    
Bobbie Watson 53 17.79%
Michael Taylor 56 18.79%
Rahel Charikar 98 32.89%
Jenni Toppi 89 29.87

*Indicates candidates that have not yet confirmed acceptance of position





SGA 2013-14

Fall Election Results
SEPTEMBER 27, 2013


The Student Government Association would like to thank all students that participated in the Fall 2013 SGA elections. A total of 128 votes were cast. The full results are listed below.

SGA is still seeking one candidate for Senator of the School of Education. If any education student is interested in that position, they can fill out an Application and come to the following general body meeting to state their case. SGA will then vote on whether or not that individual will fill the empty seat.

Graduate Senator
     • Joshua Ritchey (102 votes)
Senator of the School of Education
     • Caroline D. Wiley (102 votes)
Senator of the School of Communications
     • Kara Paar (87 votes)
Senator At-Large
     • Gareth Anderson (69 votes)
     • Chandler Waite (65 votes)
     • Evelyn Whitehead (65 votes)
     • Matthew Proscino (58 votes)

Any questions about SGA elections may be directed to the Elections Commissioner (


SGA Passes Resolution Supporting Student Voter Initiative
SEPTEMBER 17, 2013


The Student Government Association on Tuesday passed Resolution F1301 supporting implementation of a new voter registration campaign for the 2013-14 academic year. It charges the Community Engagement Committee, which has been involved throughout the summer in advocating for student safety and community involvement, with leading a voter registration campaign that will help to augment existing efforts already put forth by the university to register students to vote.

Another provision of the resolution supports the implementation and use of TurboVote, a non-profit organization that institutionalizes voting in colleges and universities across the country. The program prompts students online to register. If the student decides to register, TurboVote asks for student information online, and fills it into applicable state forms. The program then sends the filled form, along with a pre-addressed stamped envelope to the student. The student then signs the form, drops the envelope in the mail. The student is then registered to vote.

Resolution F1301 also requires SGA to send a letter in support of the program to President Stroble, asking for the the program's implementation by no later than Fall 2014. It also urges the President to appoint a staff member to oversee the process of implementation of TurboVote.

SGA is excited to work with the administration and the community to implement these changes and ensure that students' voices are heard and magnified in the political process.

Candidates for Spring Elections
SEPTEMBER 16, 2013


Students have submitted applications to run for SGA for the 2013-14 academic year. Please review their statements on the Candidate Information page. Voting will be open online September 23rd – 26th.

Any student may run a write-in campaign, even if they missed the deadline for applications. The write-in candidate will be offered the position if they receive the most votes. Keep in mind that some positions have two representatives.

Positions being elected include the following:
 Graduate Senator
 Senator of the School of Education
 Senator of the School of Communications
 Senator At-Large (4)

Any questions about SGA elections may be directed to the Elections Commissioner (

SGA 2012-13

SGA Passes Two New Amendments In Recent Meeting
APRIL 11, 2013


Spring is finally in the air and with it, some spring cleaning. During SGA's recent general body
meeting on April 2, the members of SGA spent some time discussing the two amendments
proposed by Jacob Walker and Taylor Snead respectively.

After being elected to a position as Senator of Arts and Sciences, Jacob Walker wanted to create
a system so that the students of Webster could benefit from the services that SGA has to offer.
His idea: Article XI to the SGA constitution, a process for creating resolutions on campus.
Walker's vision is for students to come to members of SGA with their ideas, and then the SGA
members will create the resolution and present it to the entire student body for voting. If the
resolution passes a 2/3 majority, the resolution will then be considered SGA's public opinion that
will be shared to various public outlets.

As comptroller, Taylor Snead set out to make it easier for student clubs and organizations to
handle their clubs' budgets. In order to do so, Snead read through the Budget Committee Bylaws
numerous times to determine what sections, if any, could be amended. Snead concluded that it
would be easier for both future comptrollers and SGA-funded clubs alike if these things were
now included in the Budget Bylaws: budget reports are now due at 5PM in the comptroller's
mailbox on the due dates, and from now on the Treasurer's Workshop is mandatory for all
funded clubs. Taylor believes that these new amendments to the bylaws will help clubs become
better organized with the budgets and all of the procedures.

There are still two general body meetings left in 2013 school year on April 16 and April 30,
both at 3PM. If there are any questions or comments involving SGA or the amendments passed,
contact Jacob Walker, Taylor Snead, Marybeth St. Peters, or any member of the Student Government
Association will be happy to answer any questions or comments.

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