Fall 2 2013

October 21–December 20, 2013

Class meeting times: 6 pm–10 pm

***Last Day to Drop: November 1, 2013

Course Description Instructor Day
BUSN 5600 Accounting Theory and Practice Simon MON
BUSN 6120 Managerial Economics Boafo TUE
BUSN 6200 Strategy and Competition Saulnier MON
FINC 5000 Finance Hinkle THURS
PROC 5810 Acquisitions Law Lewandowski THURS
PROC 5870 Pricing and Contract Integration Hardison WED
PROC 6000 Integrated Studies in Procurement and Acquisitons Management Croxton TUE
ITM 5300 Procurement & Contract Management
for Information Technology
Lewandowski TUE
ITM 5100 Information &
Communications Systems & Networks
Burwick WED