MS in Computer Science/Distributed Systems

Companies need employees with deep technical skills developed through advanced computer science knowledge. If you're interested in shaping the future of computers and the people who work with them, a master's degree in Computer Science/Distributed Systems from Webster will give you a competitive career advantage.

Concentrating on the theory and practice of distributed information systems, you'll learn the underlying principles on which the technology is based. You'll also learn to use some of the most current tools in the field. You'll study the Internet working standards, the fundamental concepts of computer networks, and the principles of homogeneous database technology and the principles of distributed database systems. You will be able to document an application including both user documentation and technical documentation. A formal presentation of a distributed systems project including demonstrating the working application will give you a chance to practice for the real world.

Program applicants should already have an understanding of algorithms, data structures, systems analysis, the C++ programming language, and operating systems theory.

Small, convenient classes and individualized teaching speed up the learning process. Classes are offered four times a year, with no GRE or GMAT exams (in most cases) to accommodate busy work schedules.

Points of Distinction

  • Faculty who practice in the field allow you to take what you learn and immediately apply it at work.
  • State-of-the-art technology and systems prepare you for the most current job demands resulting from dynamic changes in the business world.
  • Curriculum designed to provide graduates with a competitive career advantage.

Additional Information