Melbourne: Fall 1, 2017 Schedule | Webster University

Melbourne: Fall 1, 2017 Schedule

Term: August 22 - October 19, 2018

Important Dates:

Drop Deadline: Friday, August 31, 2018
Withdrawal Deadline: Friday, September 28, 2018
Weeknight classes meet 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

You must notify Webster University to drop or withdraw from a
Melbourne Office - 321-956-6700. 

GHW School of Business and Technology

Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5100 MR Intro to Project Management (WebNet-Jacksonville) Perry
BUSN 5200 MR Basic Finance for Managers (Webnet-Orlando) Ahmed 
BUSN 5600 MR Accounting Theory & Practice (WebNet-Orlando) Caban
BUSN 6200 MR Strategy & Competition  Helm
HRMG 5930  MR  Labor Management Relations (WebNet)  Holder
 MNGT 5990  MR  Corporate Responsibility (WebNet-Lakeland)  Hawkins
 HRDV 5630  MR  Organizational Development (WebNet-Jacksonville)  Echeverry
BUSN 5000 MR Business (WebNet) TBD
FINC 5000 MR Finance (WebNet-Tampa) Vorlicek 
FINC 5210 MR Investments (WebNet-Orlando) Omanwa
MNGT 6000 MR Integrated Studies in Management  Lennon
HRMG 5000 MR Managing Human Resources (WebNet-Jacksonville) Davis
BUSN 5760  MR  Applied Business Statistics (WebNet-Tampa)  Hacker
PROC 6000  MR  Integrated Studies in Procurement Acquisition (WebNet-Jacksonville)  Ewing
CSSS 5210  MR  Cybersecurity law & Policy (WebNet-Orlando)  Provost
CSSS 6002  MR  Practical Research in Cybersecurity II (Webnet-Orlando)  Chisholm
BUSN 5620 MR Current Economic Analysis (WebNet-Orlando) Conserve
BUSN 6110 MR  Operations & Project Management (WebNet-Orlando) Rosenblum
MNGT 5590 MR Organizational Behavior Briggs 
HRMG 5700  MR  Employment Law (WebNet-Orlando) Birmingham
CSSS 5110  MR  Cybersecurity Communications  Kallus
CSSS 5140  MR  Cybersecurity Strategic Operations (WebNet-Orlando)  Miller, J

College of Arts and Sciences

Course Section Description Instructor  
COUN 5600 MR Techniques of Group Counseling Peters  
COUN 5540 MR Family Systems Theory (WebNet-Tampa) Robertson  
COUN 5150 MR Psyhopathology Sharum  
COUN 5580 MR Human Sexuality and Sexual Counseling Carsto  
COUN 6200 MR Counseling Learning Practicum II Peters  
COUN 6500 MR Internship Sharum  
COUN 5020  MR Foundation of Counseling:The Helping Relationship  Gessler