Melbourne: Spring 1 2019 | Webster University

Melbourne: Spring 1 2019

Term: Spring 1 2019 (January 7 - March 8)

Melbourne Campus - (321) 449-4500

Weeknight Classes meet 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Important Dates:
Drop Deadline: Friday, January 18, 2019
Withdrawal Deadline: Friday, February 15
You must notify Webster University to drop or withdraw from a class.

GHW School of Business and Technology

Course     Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5000 MR Business (WN-Tampa) Lee
HRDV 5630 MR Organization Development & Change (WN-Ocala) Scarlata
HRMG 5000 MR Managing Human Resources Walters
CSSS 5000 MR Introduction to Cybersecurity Provost
BUSN 5600 MR  Accounting Theory & Practice (WN-Orlando) Caban
HRMG 5800 MR Staffing (WN-Jacksonville) Franks
HRMG 5700 MR Employment Law (WN-Lakeland) Broome
CSSS 5110 MR Cybersecurity Communications  Horner
MNGT 5000 MR Management Wallace
BUSN 6200 MR Strategy & Competition (WN-Jacksonville) Jinker
MRKT 5000 MR Marketing (WN-Jacksonville) Randall
CSSS 6002 MR Cybersecurity Practical Research II Kallus
MNGT 5670 MR Managerial Leadership Copley

College of Arts and Sciences

Course     Section Description Instructor
COUN 6200 MR Counseling Learning Practicum II Wise
COUN 5800  MR Professional Orientation & Ethical Prac. (WN-Ocala) Lucas
COUN 5020 MR Foundations of Counseling:The Helping Relationship Harris
 COUN 6500  MR  Internship Sharum
COUN 5610 MR Techniques of Counseling  Bowen
COUN 6500 PM Internship Gessler