Fall 1, 2014, Schedule

Term Dates: August 18–October 17 • Saturday Classes May Begin August 16 (see below) 
Weeknight Classes Meet 5:30pm-9:30pm • Saturday Classes Meet as Indicated

Drop Deadline: Friday, August 29 • Withdrawal Deadline: Friday, September 26
You must notify Webster University to drop or withdraw from a class.

Melbourne Metropolitan Campus

(321) 956-6700

George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology

 Course No.         Section Description   Instructor  Day
Business Administration
BUSN 6200 MR Strategy and Competition Howes Monday
FINC 5000 MR Finance Helm Wednesday
MRKT 5000 MR Marketing Larsson Thursday
Human Resources Development / Human Resources Management
HRMG 5700 MR Employment Law Galligano Monday
Information Technology Management
ITM 5200 MR Project Management of Information
Horner Wednesday
Management and Leadership
MNGT 5670 MR Managerial Leadership Briggs Tuesday
Procurement and Acquisitions Management
PROC 5850 MR Logistics Ullein Thursday

College of Arts & Sciences
 Course No.         Section Description   Instructor  Day
Counseling (Weeknight Classes)
COUN 5050 MR Human Growth and Development Gessler Tuesday
COUN 5100 MR Social and Cultural Foundations of
Lyle Thursday
COUN 6100 MR Counseling Learning Practicum I Peters Tuesday
COUN 6200 MR Counseling Learning Practicum II Peters Tuesday
COUN 6500 MR Internship Peters Monday
Counseling (Saturday Classes)
Week A - Aug. 16, Aug. 30, Sept. 13, Sept. 27 (8 a.m.-5 p.m.); Oct. 11 (8am-noon)
COUN 5140 MR Psychopharmacology Biggin Saturday
Counseling (Saturday Classes)
Week B - Aug. 23, Sept. 6, Sept. 20, Oct. 4 (8am-5pm); Oct. 11 (1pm-5pm)
COUN 5020 MR Foundations of Counseling: The
Helping Relationship
Lajoie Saturday
COUN 5820 MR Consultation and Supervision Woodling Saturday
COUN 5230 MR Psychodiagnostics Banks Saturday