Fall 2, 2014, Schedule

Term Dates: October 20–December 19 • Saturday Classes May Begin October 18 (see below) 
Weeknight Classes Meet 5:30pm-9:30pm • Saturday Classes Meet as Indicated

Drop Deadline: Friday, October 31 • Withdrawal Deadline: Wednesday, November 26
You must notify Webster University to drop or withdraw from a class.

Melbourne Metropolitan Campus

(321) 956-6700

George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology

Course  No.  Section Course Name Instructor Day
Business Administration
BUSN 5760 ML Applied Business Statistics Williams Thursday
FINC 5880 ML Advanced Corporate Finance Helm Wednesday
Human Resources Development/Human Resources Management
HRMG 5930 ML Labor-Management Relations Walters Saturday
(Note: HRMG 5930 is scheduled to meet on Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon)
HRMG 6000 ML Integrated Studies in Human Resources
Briggs Monday
Information Technology Management
ITM 5300 ML Procurement and Contract Management
for Information Technology
Horner Monday
Management and Leadership
MNGT 5000 ML Management Lennon Tuesday
Procurement and Acquisitions Management
PROC 5840 ML Negotiations Desmarais Thursday
PROC 6000 ML Integrated Studies in Procurement and
Acquisitions Management
Desmarais Wednesday

College of Arts and Sciences - Counseling Classes
Course  No.  Section Course Name Instructor Day
Weeknight Classes
COUN 5580 ML Human Sexuality and Sexual 
Gessler Thursday
COUN 5700 ML Lifestyle and Career Development Anderson Tuesday
COUN 6100 ML Counseling Learning Practicum I Wise Wednesday
COUN 6200 ML Counseling Learning Practicum II Wise Wednesday
COUN 6500 ML Internship Peters Monday
COUN 6500 P2 Internship Wise Monday
Saturday Classes
Week A: Oct. 18, Nov. 1, Nov. 15, Nov. 29 (8am-5pm); Dec. 13 (8am-noon)
COUN 5600 ML Techniques of Group Counseling Banks Saturday
Saturday Classes
Oct. 25, Nov. 8, Nov. 22, Dec. 6 (8am-5pm); Dec. 13 (1pm-5pm)
COUN 5630 ML Techniques of Substance Abuse
Chambers Saturday
COUN 5850 ML Research and Program Evaluation Sidoran Saturday