Financial Aid

Graduate students at Webster University receive financial aid in the form of Federal Direct loans. 

Eligible loan recipients must:

  • be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (some exceptions apply).
  • be continuously enrolled at least half-time (3 credits per term).
  • be degree-seeking.
  • make satisfactory academic progress.
  • not have defaulted on a previous school loan.
  • not have any drug convictions (some exceptions apply).
  • not have been convicted of a felony.

For further information, see below.

Entrance Loan Counseling

Before you receive your loan, the Federal Government requires that you understand the basics of borrowing. Loan counseling covers topics such as loan repayment, deferments, and your rights and responsibilities. First-time Webster applicants must complete the entrance loan counseling seminar located at

Webster University Graduate Financial Aid Application

The Webster University Graduate Financial Aid Application is used in conjunction with the FAFSA to process your award. Complete online.

You must be continuously enrolled at least half-time (3 credits) to be eligible for Financial Aid.

Federal PIN

Your PIN serves as your electronic signature and provides access to your U.S. Department of Education records online. Apply for your PIN online at Your PIN never expires and can be used to sign your FAFSA and renew your FAFSA in future years. Never share your PIN with anyone.

Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA)

To apply for financial aid, you must complete a FAFSA every year at using Webster University's School Code (002521).

The FAFSA uses your tax information from the previous year to calculate your estimated family contribution (EFC). The EFC determines the amount of loans you are eligible to receive for the academic year.

For help completing your FAFSA, call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243.

Student Aid Report (SAR)

The SAR is sent to you either by email or U.S. mail after your FAFSA has been processed. Webster will also get a copy. Review the SAR and make any necessary corrections online at ("Make Corrections to a Processed FAFSA"). If correct, file for your records.  

Award Letter

A letter detailing your award will be mailed directly to your home. The award letter will include the terms and amount of loans awarded; amount and type of aid received from other sources (i.e., employee reimbursement); and estimated disbursement dates. Review and file for your records.

Master Promissory Note (MPN)

The MPN, which contains the interest rate and repayment information for your loan, is a contract stating that you agree to repay the loan and accept all the terms and conditions.

You must sign the MPN before the loan can be disbursed. Sign your MPN electronically at using your Federal PIN.


HigherOne Webster Debit Card

All refunds, including financial aid and tuition refund disbursements, are sent via the Webster Debit Card (issued through HigherOne). The card will be mailed to you once you are enrolled at Webster University. Activate it, even if you do not anticipate receiving a refund. The card is initially sent (at no cost to you) to the address we have on file. If you move, contact your home campus immediately since the card will not be forwarded to another address. You will be assessed a fee* if the card must be re-ordered.

If Your Card Is Not Activated, Your Refund Will Be Delayed!

Activate your card online at Select the Get Started! box on the left side of the screen. Enter your 16-digit card number, without spaces, in the Refund Key box and select Continue. Enter the Security Code (the 3-digit on the back of your card). Enter the last four digits of your social security number. Finally, enter the email address in both required locations and select Continue. If you have used HigherOne in the past, you will need to use a different email address than you used previously. In any case, we recommend that you use your Webster email address to activate your card.

Initially, the only refund option available to you will be OneAccount (the HigherOne checking account). However, once you have activated your account, you will be able to change the preference. Most students in the Space Coast Region select either the ACH Transfer or Paper Check option.

If you choose to stay with the OneAccount option, be aware of associated fees*, including (but not limited to) fees for PIN-based transactions (i.e.), payment by debit card), ATM transactions, or account inactivity. You must receive a refund deposit to your OneAccount every six (6) months and/or self-identify yourself as s "student" on the HigherOne website and/or make a direct deposit of at $100 every 30 days to avoid a monthly fee*.

If you select the ACH Transfer (to other bank) option (i.e., direct deposit to an existing account), you need to complete an electronic form to print and mail or fax to HigherOne. If you select the Paper Check option, be sure to notify HigherOne if your address changes to avoid delays in receiving your refund.

If you have problems activating your card, please contact HigherOne Customer Service at1-877-474-1960.For more information about HigherOne go to

* Fee schedules are located at


You must be continuously enrolled at least half-time (3 credits) to be eligible for financial aid. If you are attending both of the Fall terms and/or both of the Spring terms you must register for Fall 1 & 2 at the same time and/or Spring 1 & 2 at the same time or your loan will be cancelled.


If there is any change in enrollment, contact your home campus immediately. Changes may affect your financial aid. 


Webster follows the Federal Government's guidelines on how to disburse student loans. If you plan to attend the full financial aid year - Summer, Fall 1 & 2, and Spring 1 & 2 - the loan will be disbursed in THREE* (not five) equal amounts (Summer, Fall 1, and Spring 1).

Funds are credited to your Webster account after the add/drop deadline. Webster uses these funds to pay all outstanding charges. Any remaining funds are refunded to you (within 10 business days) according to the refund preference you chose when you activated your HigherOne Webster Debit Card.

* The three disbursements are of equal amounts - even though the tuition for the Summer term is less than the combined tuition of Spring 1 and 2 or Fall 1 and 2. Students who receive a refund for the Summer should save that money until they are sure it will not be needed to pay tuition for the Fall or Spring terms.

Graduate Loan Change Form

The Webster University Graduate Loan Change Form is used to report enrollment changes. These changes include:

  • a break in enrollment (skipping a term or not being registered properly when Webster receives the funds from your lender).
  • an increase in enrollment terms per academic year.
  • a decrease in enrollment terms per academic year.

Verification Forms
If selected for verification, you will be notified.

If you need assistance, contact the Financial Aid Representative at your home campus.

Merritt Island Campus
Hope Tarr

Melbourne Campus
Schronie Allen

Patrick AFB Campus
Simmie Manning