Spring 2 2019 | Webster University

Spring 2 2019

Term Dates: March 18 - May 17, 2019

Important Dates: 

Petition to Graduate Due: March 4, 2019

Last Day to Drop: March 29, 2019

Last Day to Withdraw: April 26, 2019

Course Section Description Instructor Day
BUSN 5000 TA Business Wallace MON (WebNet)
BUSN 5600 TA Accounting Theory & Practice Caban TUES (WebNet)
BUSN 5620 TA Current Economic Analysis Geronimo WED (WebNet)
BUSN 5760 TA Applied Business Statistics Ruth THUR (WebNet)
BUSN 6110 TA Operations & Project Management Harrs THUR (WebNet)
BUSN 6120 TA Managerial Economics Hacker  WED (WebNet Host)
BUSN 6200 TA Strategy & Competition Jinkner THUR (WebNet)
FINC 5000 TA Finance Bunsa TUES (WebNet)
FINC 5880 TA Advanced Corporate Finance Ahmed WED (WebNet)
HLTH 5050 TA Financial Management in Health Administration Chatman THUR (WebNet)
HRMG 5920 TA Compensation Walters THUR (WebNet)
HRMG 5930 TA Labor Management Relations Addington WED (WebNet)
HRMG/MNGT 6000 TA Integrated Studies Perrone WED (WebNet)
HUMS 5850 TA Human Services Field Experience II Spriggs WED (WebNet)
MNGT 5000 TA Management Perez MON (WebNet)
MNGT 5590 TA Organizational Behavior Briggs MON (WebNet)
MNGT 5670 TA Managerial Leadership Franks WED (WebNet)
MNGT 5990 TA Corporate Responsibility & Society Birmingham WED (WebNet)
MRKT 5000 TA Marketing Ellison TUES (WebNet Host)
COUN 5100 TA Social & Cultural Foundations Nolan MON (WebNet Host)
COUN 5150 TA Psychopathology Page  MON (WebNet)
COUN 5220 TA Assessment Martin-McDonald WED (WebNet)
COUN 5600 TA Techniques of Group Counseling Marshall THUR (WebNet)
COUN 5820 TA Consultation & Supervision Brothers MON (WebNet)
COUN 6200/6500 TB/TA Counseling Practicum/Internship Harris THUR

Schedule is subject to change without notice