Strategic Framework

Webster University's Strategic Plan, Vision 2020, is comprised of a vision and mission, six large goals and many individual strategies. In order to provide a level of planning that provides the glue and coherence, the systemic approach to Vision 2020 that will assure the integrity and sustainability of many admirable individual efforts undertaken in any specific year, Dr. Stroble and her administrative team created the "Next Level Prism."

Strategic Prism

The Prism is comprised of six boxes that represent different areas within the University.

  • Investing in Infrastructure, Financial Resources and Fund Raising
  • Investing in Human Resources
  • Strengthening Academic Programs
  • Serving Students
  • Enhancing Partnerships Locally and Globally
  • Enhancing Reputation and Strategic Communications

The Prism is but one way to communicate from a systems perspective the challenges and opportunities for Webster University—each box working simultaneously to bring Webster University to the next level.

The Prism provides the framework to ask the questions and to engage the community in identifying what is needed, to charge its development, to celebrate and to provide support and resources, and for holding the members of the community accountable for completing the work needed to accomplish our mission and vision.