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The Gor-Rock

The Legend


No one knows the true origins of the Gor-Rock though it appeared mysteriously one night many years ago.  Students began using it as a gathering point, a billboard for events and even used it to build friendly competition between student organizations on campus.  In 2003 it was stolen and went missing for several weeks until it was returned by the still unknown perpetrators.  The Class of 2006 donated a larger rock to prevent any future thievery; that rock remains between the University Center and the Visual Arts Studio.  The original Gor-Rock sits in a nearby flowerbed and both continue to be a well-known gathering point at the Main Campus.  Since it's inception, potential new students at Admitted Students Day have signed their names to the Gor-Rock to begin leaving their mark on Webster University.


The Gor-Rock can be painted on by anyone at anytime, and is used for anything from birthday wishes and event promotions to political statements.  There are no timelines for how or when the Gor-Rock may be repainted.


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