Tuition Payment Policy | Webster University

Tuition Payment Policy

These policies and procedures apply to Webster University students enrolled at the St. Louis Campus. Some of the policies may also apply at the extended campuses. In some cases the policies have to be customized for each extended campus.

Updated: 9/8/02

For Webster students, acceptable payment arrangements for tuition must be made at the time of course registration. Payment options offered are:

  1. Financial aid
  2. Direct billing to a third party (i.e., employer or military)
  3. Employer reimbursement
  4. Deferred payment plan
  5. Payment in full

The deferred payment option requires a deferred payment fee to be paid at time of registration made payable to Tuition Management System (TMS). The University reserves the right to refuse deferred payment privileges on any student whose account is overdue or has been overdue in the past. A nonrefundable graduation fee of $75 is required to be filed with any graduation petition.

Students are financially responsible for all courses not officially dropped by the deadline. Webster University reserves the right to withhold transcripts or diplomas related to enrollment, cancel enrollment for a current term, and/or refuse enrollment for future terms, if any tuition or other fees or charges owed to the University are not paid as and when due. In the event a student's account is referred to any agency or attorney for collection, the student promises to pay, in addition to all amounts otherwise due to Webster University, the costs and expenses of such collection and/or representation, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses (whether or not litigation is commenced), to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Each time a student registers for classes, a code will need to be entered into the Webster University computer system before registration can be processed. Note: If a student pays tuition using more than one method, all codes must be used when registering.

Follow the suggestions for each of these codes.

If You

Your Code Is

Pay tuition in full by cash, check, or credit card.
Pay in full two weeks before the term begins.


Pay tuition and prefer to make payments using the Tuition Management System Deferred.
Complete a TMS application at the time of registration and pay the fee. Students may apply and enroll for the TMS Plan at the Business Office, the Advising Center, or at the site campus.


Fund tuition primarily through grants, scholarships, and/or loans.
Complete your financial aid at least two weeks before the term begins.


Are reimbursed by an employer for tuition.
Submit a letter from the employer to the Business Office verifying employment and tuition reimbursement program at the time of registration or two weeks before the term begins.


Are reimbursed a portion of tuition by a company and are personally responsible for the remainder.


Work for a company that pays Webster University directly.
Submit a letter/voucher from the employer to the Business Office verifying employment and direct billing program at the time of registration or two weeks before the term begins.


Receive partial or full tuition assistance from the military and government (Civil Service).
Submit the Tuition Assistance form at the time of registration.


Receive partial tuition assistance from the military and are responsible for the remainder.


Receive tuition assistance from the Veteran's Administration (VA) or Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).
Contact the Webster University Registrar's Office at 314-968-7446 if there are questions regarding benefits.


Receive tuition remission benefits from Webster University as an employee, or the spouse, dependent, or other designate of the employee.
Submit completed Tuition Remission application form to the Business Office two weeks before the term begins.