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Program Dates

The dates listed below provide a general time frame of the program duration. These dates should not be used to secure flight reservations. Exact program dates will be provided in the program handbook that you will receive after acceptance.

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Date Program
January 30 - 31 Arrival dates
February 1 - March 25 Class dates
March 28 - April 8 Spring break
April 11 - May 14 Class dates
May 16 - June 17 Exam Period


Classes start on Monday, February 1, 2016. When should I arrive in Belgium?

Students should plan to arrive no later than 30-31 January. ISTI-Cooremans may organize transportation between the airport and school or youth hostel/wherever the student has planned to go. Students are asked to let ISTI-Cooremans' Claudia Trignani ( know about their arrival time.

What about my lodging and help for securing it?

When it comes to lodging, there's always the "internat". But most students prefer to be on their own. If this is your first stay on your own abroad and if you are somewhat apprehensive about finding a room, Claudia, ISTI's BRI admin, has an apartment that she rents to students. You can contact Claudia Trignani (

As to vacances de printemps, are the two weeks in April free for students with no classes?

This break is called either Easter Break (vacances de Pâques) or Spring Break (vacances de printemps). There are no classes organized. This is usually the period in which students start studying for their final exams in June because exams (période d'évaluation) start on May 16 immediately after courses (période d'enseignement) end on May 14. Students have only one weekend free and it would be completely inconsiderate to only start revising, brushing up and studying at that point in time.

As to période d'évaluation, when will the students take their exams?

There is an exam timetable that is published ten days (more or less May 7-10) before the exams kick in on May 16. This exam timetable is posted on the extranet as well as in the school.  

 When will students end their classes and exams?  When can they plan to come back?

Classes end on May 14. Exams usually end on June 17th during week 40 (semaine 40). Exchange students can go back once they have finished their exams. In case they have to make arrangements to change the dates of the exams, ISTI-Cooremans and Webster University may coordinate the matter such that the exams may be taken via Skype or at Webster exams with a proctor, for instance.

Does ISTI-Cooremans arrange excursions?

There's usually a one-day excursion offered by ISTI-Cooremans to exchange students a few days after their arrival in Brussels. This excursion is free and not mandatory. Students sign up if they wish to take part.