Program Dates

The dates listed below provide a general time frame of the program duration. These dates should not be used to secure flight reservations. Exact program dates will be provided in the program handbook that you will receive after acceptance.

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Date Program
January 15-16 Arrival dates
January 20-May 16 Class dates
March 3-9 Carnival (no classes)
April 7-April 18 Spring break-vacances de printemps (no classes)
May 1, 29, June 9 Bank holidays-no classes held
May 19-June 20 Final exams-période d'évaluation
May 17-June 20 Departure dates (depends on student and exam schedule)


As to période d'évaluation, when will the students take their exams?

There is an exam timetable that is published ten days (more or less May 9-10) before the exams kick in on May 19. This exam timetable is posted on the extranet as well as in the school.  

 When will students end their classes and exams?  When can they plan to come back?

Classes end on May 16. Exams usually end on June 20th during week 40 (semaine 40). Exchange students can go back once they have finished their exams. In case they have to make arrangements to change the dates of the exams, ISTI and Webster University can coordinate the matter such that the exams may be taken via Skype or at Webster exams with a proctor, for instance.