London, United Kingdom


London is a city at the center of the world – and a world in one city, with more than 300 languages spoken and a wealth of different cultures and communities. The ever-present international flavor that is now so much a part of cosmopolitan London is what makes London so appealing to students! London's world-class tourist attractions are renowned across the globe. You'll be able to explore Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey… just to name a few. Studying abroad will be an exciting and unforgettable time with an immense range of things to see, do and experience!

Regent's University London sits among the rose gardens of beautiful Regent's Park, in the heart of one of the world's most exciting cities and major financial centers. Students enjoy a truly urban environment in one of the world's most exciting cities. The campus offers classrooms, academic and staff offices, a cafeteria, coffee shops, a student recreational area, and a library. From campus, it is a short walk to the West End, which offers world-class entertainment, museums, galleries, nightlife and shopping. In a city so richly filled with attractions and distractions, Webster students find that there simply isn't enough time to see and do everything.



Updates on Webster-London:

  • Webster University will be seeking a new London location and partner for students to study at in 2017.  
  • Students may continue to study abroad at this location through Spring 2016.
  • Study abroad students will not be affected by the financial aid issues at Regent's. 
  • Webster Today- Webster University to Find New Location
  • Students may no longer apply for full American degree programs at the London campus until further notice. 


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