Germany Program Dates

Students will be able to participate in either the full spring semester, or a full academic year. Webster's spring semester runs from January to May; but at Trier University the corresponding semester, referred to as the summer semester, runs later.

Summer Semester 2015

Date Program
January 15 Application Deadline
March 19-April 10 Mandatory Orientation
April 1-September 30  Semester Period
April 13-July 25 Lecture Period
February 20 End of Leave Period

Winter Semester 2015/2016

Date Program
July 15 Application Deadline
October 1-24 Mandatory Orientation
October 1-March 30 Semester Period
October 26-February 20 Lecture Period


Holiday Schedule 2015

Date Program
May 1 Labor Day
May 14 Ascension of Christ
May 26-29 Pentecost
June 4 Corpus Christi
November 11 All Saints' Day
December 21-January 2 Christmas Holiday