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Ghana Academics

Undergraduate students of all majors are welcome to study abroad at Webster Ghana even if their major is not offered in full at the campus. Webster Ghana offers a wide variety of general education courses and electives in addition to core courses for BA majors such as International Relations, Management, Media Communications and Psychology and BS majors in Computer Science and Finance.

Graduate students pursuing their degree in the Master of Business Administration or International Relations can take core classes at the Webster Ghana Campus.

Students can study for an academic year, full semester, 8 week term or summer term. Undergraduate courses are generally taught in an 8-week format, with occasional 16-week courses.

Current Schedules

Summer 2019 Undergraduate
Summer 2019 Graduate
Fall 2018 Undergraduate
Fall 2018 Graduate Offerings- MBA
Fall 2018 Graduate Offerings Masters in International Relations
Spring 2019 Undergraduate

Detailed course descriptions for all Webster courses can be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs.

Full Degree Programs at Webster Ghana

Students of all majors are welcome to study abroad at Webster Ghana even if their major is not offered in full. Webster Ghana offers a wide variety of GCP courses and electives.

Global Citizenship Program

Academic Requirements & Registration Guidelines

  • Please note that course offerings are sometimes subject to change. Changes in faculty availability and student enrollment can occasionally result in course cancellations.
  • Students must register for a minimum of 6 credit hours per term or 12 credit hours for the semester.
  • Courses must be taken locally at Webster-Ghana. Online courses and independent study course do not count towards the minimum.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated.
  • Full semester classes will be noted on the schedule.
  • Attendance is expected and required; absences will negatively affect grades.