Housing & Student Life


We understand that moving into a new country means exciting new challenges, but it also can be stressful and concerning. You may ask: What is my room like? Who will be my roommate? How safe and convenient is the housing? All of your concerns and worries are our concerns.


In Ghana, the student residence is secure.  It has a kitchen, living room, washing machine, WIFI, and DSTV/cable.  They are double occupancy bedrooms.


Student Life

Ghana is a destination that is sought after and valued by international students with interest in western Africa. 


Study abroad students will have a variety of cultural, sporting and leisure activities available to them promoted by the university student services staff. Currently, all students can participate in the following activities: excursions, guided visits to Ghana’s main cities, cultural events, and attendance at sports events, among others.  These activities help students increase their immersion into the culture and provide them with a greater learning experience.  Students will also be able to explore on their own with friends.  They may want to hike near a waterfall, visit a museum in Accra, or travel to Cape Coast.

The goal of the complementary activities is twofold. On the one hand, the aim is for students to gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of Ghanaian culture outside the classroom in a direct way. The other aim of these activities is to serve as projects and activities that allow students to practice the knowledge they have acquired of African culture via teacher-guided activities.