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Ghana Program Details

Passports and Visas
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Studying abroad in Ghana isn’t all jollof rice and fufu, it does take some work! This page covers many of the important details you’ll need to know in order to make your study abroad experience happen.

2018-19 Program Costs

Program Dates

Summer Term 2019

Date Program
May 30 New Student Move-in date (Undergraduate)
May 23 New Student Move-in date (Graduate)
May 31 - June 1 Orientation (Undergraduate)
May 24 Orientation (Graduate)
June 3 - July 26 Course Dates (Undergraduate)
May 27 - July 26 Course Dates (Graduate)
July 27 Departure Dates/ Last Day in Webster Housing (Undergraduate and Graduate)


Fall Semester 2018

Date Program
August 24 Move in dates (Undergraduate)
August 17 Move in dates (Graduate)
August 25 - 26 Orientation (Undergraduate)
August 18 Orientation (Graduate)
August 20 - December 21 Course Dates


Fall 1 Term 2018

Date Program
August 24 Move in Dates (Undergraduate)
August 17 Move in Dates (Graduate)
August 25 - 26 Orientation (Undergraduate)
August 18 Orientation (Graduate)
August 27 – October 19 Course Dates


Fall 2 Term 2018

Date Program
October 27 Orientation (Undergraduate)
October 20 Orientation (Graduate)
October 29 - December 21 Course Dates (Undergraduate)
October 22 – December 21 Course Dates (Graduate)
December 22 Move out Dates


Spring Semester 2019

Date Program
January 4 Move in Dates (Graduate)
January 10 Move in Dates (Undergraduate)
January 5 Mandatory Orientation (Graduate)
January 11 - 12 Mandatory Orientation (Undergraduate)
January 7 – May 10 Course Dates (Graduate)
January 14- May 10 Course Dates (Undergraduate)
May 11 Move out Dates (Graduate and Undergraduate


Passport and Visa

Still need a passport? Click here.

If you plan to study abroad in Austria more than 90 days, then you will be required to obtain a student visa. You will be guided through the visa application process by the OSA staff. While the Office of Study Abroad will assist participants about procedures and requirements, securing a visa is an individual responsibility.