Athens Housing and Student Life

We understand that moving into a new country means exciting new challenges, but it also can be stressful and concerning. You may ask: What is my room like? Who will be my roommate? How safe and convenient is the housing? All of your concerns and worries are our concerns.


The university housing is in a very convenient location.  In the immediate vicinity of the university facilities and housing are restaurants, cafes, bakeries, post office, department stores, pharmacies, souvenir stores, archaeological sites, and museums.

Everything is within walking distance and the local transportation system (metro, tram, buses, taxi, etc.) are less than a 5-minute walk away.  During the first week of orientation, students are given multiple walking tours to get to know the area, and staff is always available to assist students in whatever they need.

Students have an opportunity to be independent by living in shared furnished apartments in the Plaka area. Students will find themselves spending many an evening discussing philosophy and politics, Kazantzakis’ Zorba, or the hottest Greek pop singer, as they linger in Plaka over late-night meals of olives, feta cheese and crusty bread.

Once their academic obligations are met, students are free to live their own lives and are encouraged to take full advantage of the cultural and recreational activities available to them. They can participate or attend any of the organized sporting events of the University, such as men’s basketball or soccer and women’s volleyball. Similarly, student organizations such as the International Student’s Association and community service opportunities, such as working with the endangered sea turtles through the non-profit organization, Archelon, have been popular choices for the Odyssey students. The Director can assist students in pursuing their interests.


Student Life in Athens

Welcome BBQ - Acropolis

Students contribute enormously to Webster’s campus and community through the generous volunteering of their time and energy for various activities and events. For example, students can help out with annual events such as the Graduation Ceremony, BBQ’s, Thanksgiving dinner, Holiday Evenings, SGA events, European Webster football tournament, Community Service Day and others. The Student Services team at Webster Athens can help you make the most of being in Athens with information on the local area, activities and events across the city!