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Student Testimonials

Karen Bazakos

Junior Hospitality Management student, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Coming to Greece for school will forever be one of my favorite experiences. Having the opportunity to explore where my family is from, meeting family I’ve never met before, and learning so much more about my culture has been so wonderful. The Greek Cuisine and Elementary Modern Greek classes gave me even more of a chance to immerse myself within the Greek culture. I have met some great people here, and will never forget the memories I have made!”

Karen in Athens

Troy Lugar

Junior Computer Science student at Washington & Jefferson College

“It was valuable to see up close the culture that influenced so much of the modern world and draw comparisons between the Greek culture and my own culture. It changed the way I see many aspects of my own culture.”

Troy in Greece

Nicole Montanaro

Junior, Environmental Studies student at University of Buffalo, SUNY

“My favorite part about the Odyssey in Athens program was the ability to travel independently outside of the country to other parts of Europe. Since Athens is not much different than some American cities, the culture shock was relatively non-existent.”

Nicole in Greece

Emma Oroxom

Sophomore, Spanish and Political Science student, Washington & Jefferson College

“I wanted to study abroad somewhere a little different, other than somewhere like France or Germany, so I chose Greece. Whenever someone would hypothetically ask where I wanted to go, I always dreamt of Greece and it’s literally a dream come true. I loved being able to learn this fascinating language and visit ancient historical sites on excursions. I met some amazing people through Odyssey in Athens and saw gorgeous parts of this country.”

Emma in Hyrda

Michael Calisto

Junior Accounting student, Sacred Heart University

“Over my four months in Greece I have had my ups and downs, but the ups definitely outweighed the downs. It’s a great experience having to adjust to a new culture and live and learn with it for a good amount of time. I will always remember my time here in Greece and everything I learned here, I will take home with me.”

Mine on Santorini

Alexis Cupp

Junior, Philosophy and Economics student at Goucher College

“I fell in love with Greece! The energy, the music, and the gorgeous scenery! Webster University Athens’ faculty has been one of my all time favorite experiences of study abroad. I will never forget them!”

Alexis Cupp

Kira Weilerstein

Junior Psychology student, Goucher College

“I truly enjoyed my study abroad experience in Athens. I was able to travel to amazing places throughout Greece and Europe. One of my favorite experiences was the community service class which gave me the chance to work at a refugee center and a sea turtle rescue center.”

Kira in Greece

Brooke Nelson

Sophomore International Relations student, Webster University

“I had a wonderful experience in Greece. The entire country is absolutely beautiful and offers a new perspective. The best part was being able to volunteer for refugee organizations in such a stressful political time. I was able to witness much more than at home.”

Brooke Nelson

Emily Steen

Junior Environmental Studies student at University of Buffalo, SUNY

“Studying abroad in Athens, Greece was a once in a lifetime experience. I got the opportunity to travel all over Europe and really experience different cultures. I also got the chance to volunteer at a sea turtle rescue center which was awesome! I have made memories here that I will remember forever!”

Emily Steen

Grant Chimples

Junior Business student at Trine University

“What really stood out for me was how many people spoke English here. The views are stunning, transportation to different places and countries was relatively cheap, and I made new friends. I also finally got to say, ‘I made it to Greece, being of Greek descent.’”

Grant Chimples

Cynthia Klock

Senior Sociology student, SUNY Potsdam

“Overall, the experience I had here was fun and important to me. I was able to reconnect with family I haven’t seen since I was young and made many new friends, as well. This was an amazing way to finish off my college career and the classes and professors were fun and informative. Highly suggest the Greek Cuisine course!”

Cindy in Rhodes

Danielle Pinto

Junior Business Administration and Marketing student at Marist College

“My time and experience in Greece was life changing! I was able to put myself into a completely different culture from my own. During my time here I was fortunate enough to give back through community service and volunteer work at the refugee center and sea turtle rescue center. My volunteer work, in addition to the excursions that Webster’s Odyssey in Athens program took us on were things I thought I’d never be able to do ever in my life. My time with Webster Athens was amazing and absolutely unforgettable! I LOVE Greece!”

Danielle Pinto

Ariane Manolopoulos

Junior Painting and Art History student from SUNY New Paltz

“Thank you Webster Athens for giving me the opportunity to come to Greece and let me get to know my Greek roots! Athens will always have a place in my heart!”

Ariane Manolopoulos