Course Offerings

Webster University students who study abroad on exchange at Kansai University will receive academic credit at Webster University for all courses. Depending on the type of program, and the students' major, this credit may vary and is subject to review by individual departments. The following information links to various resources that will help students understand, and prepare for, this process.

Students will register locally, after they have taken a placement exam to determine their language proficiency. Students will not see the final grades on their Webster record until the official transcript arrives from Kansai and is entered onto their record. Due to a difference in academic calendars, this happens several months after program completion. (Fall grades arrive in late March of the following semester, and Spring grades arrive in late October of the following semester).

For students who study abroad on exchange for (1) semester or for (1) year:

Depending on individual students' major, the credits from Kansai University will apply differently at Webster University. It is important that students maintain contact with their home-campus advisor regarding this.

For Dual Degree students:

Kansai University registers students in local courses that match the requirements for the Kansai portion of your degree. This portion of the degree is an accelerated track that can be successfully completed by following Kansai's requirements. Some of these courses may also count toward the Webster portion of your degree, and it is important that students maintain contact with their home-campus advisor regarding this.

Kansai-Webster Course Equivalency Guide – PDF file

This file is a comprehensive guide to Kansai University course descriptions and course numbers, along with their Webster University Course equivalents by department, general education and other categories. Not all of the courses in this file are offered each semester, however, this comprehensive guide can be used for evaluating courses after students have registered or upon their completion.

For a list of past courses offered each year at Kansai University, which may assist in planning and in determining credit, please see the documents below.


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