Tokyo | Webster University


Webster's international partnership in Tokyo, Japan is with J.F. Oberlin (Obirin) University. Obirin is a private, co-educational institution located in the Tokyo suburb of Machida. Obirin was added as an international partner in 2011 to provide new opportunities for students wishing to study in Japan. Like many of Webster's other international exchange partners, Obirin provides language and culture exchange opportunities.

Obirin University has a wide range of courses, including both Japanese language courses and content courses taught in English. While there is no required Japanese language proficiency, the Office of Study Abroad strongly encourages students to study Japanese before applying.

The university is named after the Lutheran pastor and philanthropist Jean Frederic Oberlin (1740-1826), from whom our educational philosophy derives. The school name also signifies our tribute to Oberlin College in Ohio, U.S.A., the alma mater of J. F. Oberlin's founders Yasuzo and Ikuko Shimizu. In Japanese, Oberlin is written with the characters for "beautiful cherry orchard" (pronounced "Obirin"), evoking the many cherry trees planted in and around campus. J. F. Oberlin's badge is the "three nails crown," symbolizing the struggles of Christ and the glory and valor that derive from them.

From its inception Obirin University has been committed to the idea of internationalism. J. F. Oberlin has always sought to foster students with an international outlook and with the skills that will enable them to play a positive role in today's increasingly complex world. J. F. Oberlin firmly believes that meaningful participation in contemporary society requires a sound understanding of other lands and societies. In concrete terms, this means educating Japanese students about the outside world and international students about Japan.