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Accra, Ghana

Summer 2018-Thematic Program Global Culture, Communication and Psychology 

Program Description
This program includes two courses Culture and Communication and International Psychology. While Anth 2300 focusses on a variety of issues in cross-cultural communication, language use, and symbolic systems; International Psychology examines the new and emerging field of international psychology. Assumptions, theories, methods, research and interventions of traditional western psychology will be critically examined for relevance to people outside the western world.  Students have the opportunity to work with two international faculty with diverse backgrounds focusing on the psycho-social implications of culture and how it influences human development, communication and behavior. International fieldwork experience will be led by Dr. Sheetal Shah with a special emphasis on human trafficking.  Field trips offered include an overnight trip to the UNESCO world heritage site- the Elmina Slave Castle amongst others. The experiential learning component will also include interactions with NGO’s like Challenging Heights. During the regular summer session at the Webster Ghana campus, students will take two courses and a field work component,  hence a total of 7 credits.

June 4-July 27
Orientation June 2nd 

PSYC 3475 International Psychology – 3.0 credit hours

Instructor: Dr. Sheetal Shah, Behavioural, and Social Science Department
Course Description: This course will examine the new and emerging field of international psychology. The role of cultural, social, economic, religious, ethnic, and political contexts in human development and behavior for individuals and groups will be explored. Assumptions, theories, methods, research, and interventions of traditional western psychology will be critically examined for relevance to people outside the western world. Psychological needs of special populations including refugees, immigrants, children, and families will be considered.
Syllabus: Coming soon 

ANTH 2300 Culture and Communication – 3.0 credit hours
Instructor: Dr. Joseph Oduro-Frimpong
Course Description: Begins with the concept of culture as a means of communicating with others: not only through language but with manners, etiquette, dress, rituals and ceremonials, gesture and movement -- the entire system of symbols and signs that provide meaning for human behavior. Explores a variety of issues in cross-cultural communication, language use, and symbolic systems.
Global Citizenship Program: Meets ROC and INTC Global Citizenship Requirements
Syllabus: Coming soon 

International Field Work/Research Experience – 1.0 credit hour
Dr. Sheetah Shah
Course Description: Provides students with the skills to conduct original undergraduate research related to the program topic.
Syllabus: Coming soon 

Tentative Co-Curricular Activities:
An overnight cultural heritage trip to the central region of Ghana to experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Elmina Slave Castle, Cape- Coast Castle and Kakum National Park. There will also be a site visit and interaction with Challenging Heights, an NGO committed to protecting the rights of children and ending child trafficking based in the Winneba, Central Region. 
An overnight village experience with an NGO in the Volta Region of Ghana wich works in human trafficking along the Lave Volta. This will also include interactions with the community, some cultural displays and be a practical example of cultural communication in a local Ghanaian community.
Community outreach activity with Willows International, an NGO dedicated to decrease maternal mortality by increasing access to family planning and other reproductive health services in one of their projects sites.
An Accra City tour, visit the major open-air market in Accra, guest lectures, languages, food and drumming workshops, walking tours of a suburb, optional beach trips, etc. ,

Program Flyer

Program Costs
Program Fee: $400
Study Abroad Fee: $275 (covers international insurance, ISIC card, travel book)
Application Deposit*: $165 (due at the time of application)
Webster Tuition: $4,970 (7 credits)
Housing: $1,500
Total Cost: $7,145*
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*This amount does not include meals, round-trip airfare, or personal spending money 

Students may be eligible for the Webster World Traveler Program and other study abroad scholarships.  Please reference the Study Abroad website for more information.

Application Process
Application Deadline: February 28, 2018

To apply, follow these steps:
1) Ensure you meet the study abroad eligibility requirements
2) Start an application via the Webster online application system
3) The application will ask you to fill out a number of forms, pay the study abroad fee, write a brief statement of purpose, and submit a passport sized photos. 

*The $165 application deposit is refundable to if ALL of the following conditions are met: 1) Student attends the program 2) Student completes the pre and post-study abroad surveys 3) Student does not have any outstanding program charges.