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Bogota, Colombia

Summer 2018- Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs

Program Description
This 3-credit course introduces students to the economic, socio-cultural, entrepreneurial and environmental perspectives of Colombia, given the recently signed peace agreement with rebels who operated in a considerable portion of the Colombian territory.  Students will analyze how the end of hostilities will impact economic growth.  They will be exposed to new forms of innovation and will be immersed in some of the main economy’s growth drivers such as agriculture, tourism and gastronomy in Bogota (the capital city) and Armenia (Coffee Region)

During the visit to Bogota, students will explore the capital city’s culture, history, and entrepreneurial spirit.  Main points of interest will be the Palace of Government, the Gold Museum and the highest elevation and place of Roman Catholic worship and fine dinning of Monserrate at 10,341 feet altitude.They will learn new ways of telling powerful stories in order to enhance their ability to sell ideas and optimize their presentation skills while visiting a setting surrounded by nature and innovative conservation concepts.   They will gain understanding about the characteristics of the conflict, the negotiations that took place between the parties involved and the developmental actions in course.

 During the visit to the coffee region, students will learn about two of the products that Colombia is known for world-wide by touring a coffee farm, a wax tree plantation and the free trade zone to talk about production, distribution and domestic and international commercialization of these products.  Students will also make an international business proposal between Colombia and one other country of their choice.

Online Dates: May 28-July 27, 2018
Immersion Dates: July 22-July 28, 2018


INTB 9950 International Business in Colombia    – 3.0 credit hours
Professor: Dr. Adriana Arango-Arterburn
Course Description: This program follows the International Business curriculum. The main topics that will be addressed in this tour will be culture, economic structures, economic growth in a new political environment, and entrepreneurship. In a world where globalization is becoming one significant trend, students will focus on the importance of conserving and developing the uniqueness of what is made locally and represents a country’s own identity.
Syllabus: Coming soon 

Housing and Meals
Students on this program will stay in a local hotel. Breakfast, lunches, and some dinners are included in the program cost. As much as possible, group meals will focus on exposing students to local cuisine. Please check the itinerary for further details once it becomes available.

Program Costs
Program Fee: $2,225 (includes accommodations, cultural and co-curricular activities included in the itinerary (unless otherwise noted), selected meals, and other logistical costs such as transportation, etc.)
Study Abroad Fee: $175 (includes international insurance and International Student ID ISIC Card)
Application Deposit*: $165 (due at the time of application)
Tuition: Summer per credit hour rate Click here for Undergraduate Tuition RatesClick here for Graduate Tuition Rates

Students may be eligible for Webster study abroad scholarships.  Please reference the Study Abroad website for more information.

Application Process
Application Deadline: Deadline: Extended to April 15, 2018

To apply, follow these steps:
1) Ensure you meet the study abroad eligibility requirements
2) Start an application via the Webster online application system
3) The application will ask you to fill out a number of forms, pay the study abroad fee, write a brief statement of purpose, and submit a passport sized photos. 


*The $165 application deposit is refundable to if ALL of the following conditions are met: 1) Student attends the program
2) Student completes the pre and post-study abroad surveys 3) Student does not have any outstanding program charges.