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BUSN 5680: Doing Business in Latin America (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Online Course Dates: February 4 – March 22, 2013
International Travel Dates: March 11 - 15, 2013
Course: BUSN 5680
Credit Hours: 3

Latin America is projected to be a high growth area for the next 10-20 years as a result of the rebalancing of economic power that is taking place today. Therefore, any US firm that wants to growth its business and increase its level of operation will have to consider Latin America as an alternative. But, how much do we know about Latin America? Its economy? Its culture? Economic blocks? Business culture?

The main objective of the class is to expose the student to the economic and business reality of Latin America so that the student will be able to make recommendations in the event that the firm he or she works for want to know more and or penetrate the Latin American Market.

Tuition - Spring 2013 Online Tuition
Deposit only for non-US citizens (non-refundable after deadline) - $150
Program Fee - $2,000 (see Course Information for details)
Deadline (for application and deposit) - December 14, 2012
Instructor - Arnoldo Rodriguez

*Please Note: A deposit will be refunded if there are not enough enrollments and the program is canceled. A deposit is non-refundable after the deadline only if the program has sufficient enrollments and a student withdraws or drops the program. Deposit goes toward program costs.