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Dublin, Ireland

Summer 2018- Short-term Faculty-Led Programs

Program Description
According to the US Department of Justice cybercrime has become one of our nation’s greatest threats.  Worldwide, the cost of cybercrime has been known to rival that of the black market drug trade.  Since 2010, national and international studies have estimated costs climbing anywhere from $100 to $500 billion each year.  With no signs of slowing, researchers predict the cost of known cybercrime will reach as high as $2 trillion by 2019.  Many national policy groups have been collaborating in search of solutions to regulating and deterring computer crime.  The International Computer Crime course provides a vehicle for students to learn and recognize how they may play a role in the current state of cyber law. 

The course first examines what computer/cybercrime is and how it differs from other crime and traditional criminal law theory.  Issues of information security, data privacy and breach response methods will be discussed.  Then students will study the current progression of local and national legislation to encompass digital crime and the issues associated with such attempts.  Finally, students will learn how crimes across international borders have complicated the ability of lawmakers to identify, cease and punish such acts. 

After building a knowledgeable foundation, the class will visit the Republic of Ireland which serves as the headquarters for some the largest digital and social media companies of our time.  Students will meet with Ireland’s Computer Crime Investigation Unit to discover how they tackle cybercrime.  During a week of business visits, the class will meet tech company officers, healthcare administrators and university researchers working in this field.  Each participant will have the opportunity to discuss what solutions they believe could aid this burgeoning area of policy and international law.  There will also be ample time and activities scheduled for exposure to and appreciation of the warm Irish culture.

Online Dates: May 28-July 27, 2018
Immersion Dates: July 15-July 21, 2018

ITM 9950 International Computer Crimes – 3.0 credit hours

Professor: Mendi Drayton, Management Department
Course Description: This global hybrid course encompasses the various laws, legal theories, and societal dilemmas involved in computer crimes. This is a policy course. Computer crime law touches on issues of property, privacy, and constitutional rights. When these issues become broadened to a global scale, the magnitude of our current problems is revealed. The intent of the course is not to make students experts in international computer crimes or any area of the law. However, students should benefit from gaining an understanding of the wide variety of computer crimes and the international movement to combat them. Developing awareness of potential legal problems is the goal, not developing expertise in solving legal problems. Half of the material in the course will come directly from current events. This is a growing field with current cases involving the US government, Banks and multinational companies. This policy course should be very relevant to international business, securities law and technology majors. Given the depth of the topic, the most appropriate instructional strategy is to first cover US domestic policies and then to compare and contrast on the international spectrum. Finally we will consider international collaborations and solutions. This course will allow students to study and see real-life examples of what other nations are doing on a domestic and international level.

Housing and Meals
Students on this program will stay in a local hotel in Dublin. Breakfast will be provided every day at the hotel and a few group lunches and group dinners are included in the program cost. As much as possible, group meals will focus on exposing students to local Irish cuisine. Please check the itinerary for further details once it becomes available.

Program Costs
Program Fee: $2,875 (includes accommodations, cultural and co-curricular activities included in the itinerary (unless otherwise noted), selected meals, and other logistical costs such as transportation, etc.)
Study Abroad Fee: $175 (includes international insurance and International Student ID ISIC Card)
Application Deposit*: $165 (due at the time of application)
Tuition: Summer per credit hour rate Click here for Undergraduate Tuition RatesClick here for Graduate Tuition Rates

Students may be eligible for Webster study abroad scholarships.  Please reference the Study Abroad website for more information.
Summer scholarship deadline- February 28th

Application Process
Application Deadline: Deadline: Extended to April 15, 2018

To apply, follow these steps:
1) Ensure you meet the study abroad eligibility requirements
2) Start an application via the Webster online application system
3) The application will ask you to fill out a number of forms, pay the study abroad fee, write a brief statement of purpose, and submit a passport sized photos. 

*The $165 application deposit is refundable to if ALL of the following conditions are met: 1) Student attends the program
2) Student completes the pre and post-study abroad surveys 3) Student does not have any outstanding program charges.