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Politics of Development: Global South (India and Bangladesh)

Online Course Dates: May 25-July 20, 2013
International Travel Dates: June 18-27, 2013
Course: INTL 5580
Credit Hours: 3

The student examines problems of social, economic, and political development in Third World nations. Course content focuses on problems of nation building in the postcolonial era and the role of the developing nations in world politics.

This course will specifically use India and Bangladesh as examples to examine the social, (e.g. Women); economic (e.g. Industrialization, Rural Development, and Microfinance) and political development issues facing less developed nations. In particular, this course will focus on the impacts and the linkages of these changes on societal structures across both nations as a reference point with regard to development generally in the Global South.

Tuition - Summer Online Tuition
Program Fee - $1,400
Study Abroad Fee (Due upon application) - $150
Deadline (for application and deposit) - March 15, 2013
Instructor - Leon Hutton - hutton@webster.edu - Jean Russell - mjrussell53@webster.edu

*The Program Fee covers accommodations, class tours, visits and excursions, on-ground transportation, and other related class fees.

Please Note: A deposit will be refunded if there are not enough enrollments and the program is canceled. A deposit is non-refundable after the deadline only if the program has sufficient enrollments and a student withdraws or drops the program. Deposit goes toward program costs.