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INTB 5890: Issues in International Business: Japan

Online Course Dates: April 29 – June 14, 2013 
International Travel Dates: May 20 - 25, 2013 (Tokyo and Kansai, Japan)
Course Number: INTB 5890
Credit Hours: 3

This course examines various global issues in Japan. Issues examined include globalization in business and commerce, militarism/pacificsm, human rights; nuclear power; education, sustainability, national & international media; and religion/spirituality in politics & business. The issues are examined in the context of Japan's history, cultural and religious traditions. On-location component includes seminars with government / civic leaders; corporate representatives and other experts.

NOTE: This is a study tour course with an online component.

Tuition - Summer 2013 Online Tuition
Study Abroad Fee (non-refundable after deadline) - $150
Program Fee - $2,000 (see Course Information for details)
Deadline (for application and deposit) - March 1, 2013
Instructor - Brad Scott - - Roy Tamashiro -

*Please Note: A deposit will be refunded if there are not enough enrollments and the program is canceled. A deposit is non-refundable after the deadline only if the program has sufficient enrollments and a student withdraws or drops the program. Deposit goes toward program costs.