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ILC 2150/ ISTL 2550/ RELG 2200/HIST 2010: Land of the Three Faiths: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in Medieval Spain

Land of the Three Faiths: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in Medieval Spain

International Travel Dates: March 7-15, 2015 (Spring Break)
Course Number: ILC 2150/ISTL 2550/RELG 2200/HIST 2010
Credit Hours: 3

In a world that increasingly requires us to think globally, the study of classical languages and
cultures is an integral part of a comprehensive education. This is especially so at Webster
University, which is committed to international cultural relevance and global thinking. ILC
2150.01, "The Land of the Three Faiths: Jews, Muslims and Christians in Medieval Spain",
exposes students to the complex religious history that the modern nation of Spain inherited from
its medieval past. The course is an "intensive study abroad", aiming to inculcate students into the
rich cultural heritage of a multireligious medieval Spain. The course takes place entirely within
the modern nation of Spain, and will be primarily based from the modern capital of Madrid. The
course covers such wide ranging topics as North African colonization, Spanish "Europeanness",
religious conflict and coexistence, and the Crusades of the Spanish Reconquista. The hybrid
nature of the study abroad course makes the program especially wellfitted
to a detailed excursus of the complex legacy of medieval Spain (during the online portion) while still allowing
an immersive experience into that legacy (during the travel portion).

By the end of the program students will have a broad understanding of the multireligious
nature of Medieval Spain and its impact on the development of the Western European cultural
tradition. The student will be able to identify key components of Spain's cultural legacy, in its
varying forms, and will be able to explore components of interest further during the construction
of a research project. The students will gain an appreciation for the complicated forms of
cultural heritages, and will explore the variety of changes a cultural system can undergo.
Students will also be able to identify key components of Spain's historical interreligious
tension and its parallels in American society, understanding their similarities and differences and
exploring those permutations in a reflection paper.

Tuition - Spring 2015 Online Tuition (3 credit hours)
Program Fee* - $900
Study Abroad Fee** (non-refundable after deadline) - $150
Deadline (for application and deposit) - December 15, 2014
Instructor - Kyle Lincoln - or 314-968-7047

*The program fee is $900. It covers 8 nights of accommodations, selected meals, local and regional transportation, site visits and other events, and other logistical costs. These fees will be charged to your student account when you enroll for the course, so that your scholarship or grant money can cover that expense.

**Please Note: A deposit will be refunded if there are not enough enrollments and the program is canceled. A deposit is non-refundable after the deadline only if the program has sufficient enrollments and a student withdraws or drops the program. Deposit goes toward program costs.