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Leiden, The Netherlands

International Criminal Law: A Human Rights Perspective

Summer 2018- Short-term Faculty-Led Programs 

Program Description
This program is designed with the student in mind who does not have a term or semester available for overseas study.  All of the courses are “hybrid” courses that address a subtopic of international law, such as “International Criminal Law” and “Human Trafficking and Slavery.”  The three credit hour courses are “hybrid,” which translates to online instruction for four weeks, followed by one week of “on-the-ground” immersion (per course) in a foreign country to observe international application of each particular subtopic.  Most frequently, students travel to the Leiden campus, which is situated about 15 minutes by train from The Hague, the world’s center of international law, but Strasbourg, France and Geneva, Switzerland are also program destinations.  Typical site visits include the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice and NGO’s housed in The Hague that work in the subject matter of each course.  These courses require no prerequisites and are open to undergraduate and graduate students.  

 Typical students return from their on-the-ground immersion week(s) exclaiming that they just had the best educational experience of their lives.    

Online Dates: March 19 - April 13, 2018 (Spring 2- 2 credits) 
Immersion Dates: May 18-26, 2018 (Summer - 1 credit) 

LEGL 4602/5502 International Criminal Law: A Human Rights Perspective – overall 3.0 credit hours
Professor:Tena Hart, Legal Studies Department (Webster St. Louis) 
ourse Description: This course will offer a comparison between international law as viewed by most of Europe and as viewed by the United States. The impact of those two views of international law will be studied both in theory and as they apply to tribunals, governmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations that are located in the Hague.

Summer Legal Studies FAQ

You will stay with fellow class- members in local Webster University housing accommodations. The Living and Learning Center is located in Leiden and is just across the street from the Webster University Leiden campus. 

Program Costs
Program Fee: $1,370 (covers 1 week of accommodations, selected meals, and other logistical costs)
Study Abroad Fee: $175 (includes international insurance and International Student ID ISIC Card)
Application Deposit*: $165 (due at the time of application)
Tuition: Summer per credit hour rate Click here for Undergraduate Tuition RatesClick here for Graduate Tuition Rates

Students may be eligible for Webster study abroad scholarships.  Please reference the Study Abroad website for more information.

Application Process
Application Deadline: February 15, 2018

To apply, follow these steps:
1) Ensure you meet the study abroad eligibility requirements
2) Start an application via the Webster online application system
3) The application will ask you to fill out a number of forms, pay the study abroad fee, write a brief statement of purpose, and submit a passport sized photos. 

*The $165 application deposit is refundable to if ALL of the following conditions are met: 1) Student attends the program 2) Student completes the pre and post-study abroad surveys 3) Student does not have any outstanding program charges.