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Munich: Crossroads for the Arts, Business, and Culture

ILC 2150 / ISTL 2550 : Munich: Crossroads for the Arts, Business, and Culture

Online Course Dates: February 16-April 15, 2014
International Travel Dates: March 7-16, 2014 (Spring Break 2014)
Credit Hours: 3

 "München mag dich" (Munich likes you)! During this online course + immersion experience, students will explore the culture, as well as the history and politics of Munich in online projects and a 9-day stay in Germany. Munich is a major city in Europe with cultural spaces and artifacts from its long history as a Wittelsbach kingdom. It has long been a center for the arts -- from the early 1900s known as a city of art--, as well as of commerce, publishing, sports, patent law for Germany and for Europe, and higher education, Munich is a fascinating location to research and experience. Students read about the city as well as experience the city as text with on site visits to neighborhoods, museums, city planning offices and patent office.

Prior to departure for Munich, Dr. Paula Hanssen will hold an orientation meeting to deal with practical matters (passports, flights, money, etc.) and to discuss issues such as cultural differences and current affairs.

This course fulfills the Cultural Understanding requirement for those who began their studies before 2013 who need to fulfill General Education requirements; for those who began their studies in 2013 and later this fulfills the GCP Content course for “Global Understanding” and the skill for “Intercultural Competence.”

The course is conducted in English for students in ILC 2150/ISTL 2550. Students with no previous experience in the language will learn and use some basic German during the course.

Tuition - Spring 2014 Tuition
Study Abroad Fee (non-refundable after deadline; due with application) - $150
Program Fee - $700 (see Course Information for details)
Deadline (for application and deposit) - December 15, 2013
Instructors - Paula Hanssen