A History of Financial Crises | Webster University

FINC 5850: A History of Financial Crises: From Tulips to Housing to the Euro (New York City)

Online Course Dates: June 24 – August 9, 2013
On-location Program Dates: July 22--26, 2013
Course Number: FINC 5850
Credit Hours: 3

This course will give students an appreciation for how the credit markets work, how they failed to do so during the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 and how they might operate in the future in light of proposed and enacted regulations. Past asset bubbles, human behavior, specific market failures and inadequate regulation will be highlighted using case studies. An evaluation of the factors leading to and the ramifications of the Euro crisis, as well as other current topics in finance will be addressed. Real life examples will be discussed from the perspective of a financial markets participant.

Tuition - Summer 2013 Online Tuition
Study Abroad Fee only for non-US citizens (non-refundable after deadline) - $150
Program Fee - $2,000 (see Course Information for details)
Deadline (for application and deposit) - April 29, 2013
Instructor - Richard Ryffel Scott - richardryffel28@webster.edu

*Please Note: A deposit will be refunded if there are not enough enrollments and the program is canceled. A deposit is non-refundable after the deadline only if the program has sufficient enrollments and a student withdraws or drops the program. Deposit goes toward program costs.