The Eternal City: Rome Across Three Millenia | Webster University

The Eternal City: Rome Across Three Millennia

ILC 2150.W7/ISTL 2550.W7: The Eternal City: Rome Across Three Millennia (Rome, Italy)

Online Course Dates: September 1- December 14, 2014
International Site Dates:  October 18- October 26, 2014       
Credit Hours: 3

In a world that increasingly requires us to think globally, the study of classical languages and cultures is an integral part of a comprehensive education. This is especially so at Webster University, which is committed to international cultural relevance and global thinking. ILC 2150.01, “The Eternal City: Rome Across Three Millennia”, exposes students to the long and special history that the city of Rome has with Western Civilization. The course is an “intensive study abroad”, aiming to inculcate students into the rich cultural heritage of Ancient Rome. The course takes place entirely within the modern nation of Italy (and specifically within the metropolitan area of Rome), but will expose students to such expansive topics as an Ancient Greek Colonialism (in Pompeii and Ostia Antica), Roman Imperialism (in Rome proper), and many others. As a whole, the course aims to provide a concentrated amount of instruction in a short span (3 credit hours in nine days of foreign study), without sacrificing the students ability to explore and absorb the majesty of the Eternal City.

By the end of the program students will have a broad understanding of the importance of Rome to the development of the Western European cultural tradition. The student will be able to identify key components of Rome’s cultural legacy, in its varying forms, and will be able to explore components of interest further during the construction of a research project. The students will gain an appreciation for the complicated forms of cultural heritages, and will explore the variety of changes a cultural system can undergo. Students will also be able to identify key components Rome’s cultural heritage evident in American society, understanding their similarities and differences and exploring those permutations in a reflection paper."

This course introduces students to the cultural heritage of Ancient Rome. From the Roman Forum to the Arch of Constantine, the course intends to expose--via its travel component-- students to the majesty of the legacy of the Roman Empire. Readings and research projects will be paired with intensive discussions and topics lectures to provide case studies against which the larger narrative of the course can be reflected. There are no additional meeting times. Most coursework will be done online, and the travel component of the course is required. Applications handled through the Office of Study Abroad. No prerequisites. An Ancient Studies Minor Course. [CUL] (GCP course ROC, GLOB, WRIT, and INTC)

Tuition - Fall 2014 Online Tuition
Study Abroad Fee (non-refundable after deadline; due with application) - $150
Program Fee - $750 (see Course Information for details)  Program fee covers 8 nights of accommodations, selected meals, local transportation, site visits and other events, and other logistical costs. These fees will be charged to your student account when you enroll for the course.
Deadline (for application and deposit) - May 30, 2014
Instructors - Kyle Lincoln