Living On/Off the Grid | Webster University

Taos, New Mexico

Location: Taos, New Mexico, USA
Online Course Dates: February 5–March 23, 2018
Travel Course Dates: March 11-March 16, 2018 (Spring Break 2018)
Course Fee: $795
Study Abroad fee : $100
Deadline (for application and deposit) - December 15, 2017
Instructors - Julia Griffey and Alix Henry

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GCP Course - Physical and Natural World + Intercultural Competence

Course Description

This hybrid travel course investigates on-grid vs. off-the-grid living toward complete sustainability. We will examine how on-grid systems within traditional homes supply water, process waste, generate power and maintain thermal comfort and compare these to alternative sustainable systems (black water, grey water, solar power, thermal mass, catch water, etc...) in off-grid homes. Students will complete the majority of their course work in Taos, New Mexico over spring break where they will receive instruction, participate in discussions, execute hands-on experiments, and learn alternative building methods in an off-the-grid home independent of public utilities.  Throughout the week, students will travel to various sites around Taos to see exemplifications of concepts discussed in class.  This course will have lectures, labs, assignments, discussions and quizzes on-line prior to the travel portion.  Upon their return, students will take another quiz and complete an assignment based on their travel experience.