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Study Abroad: Brussels, Belgium; Rome, Italy

Summer 2019: Professional Seminar (Online; Brussels, Belgium; Rome, Italy)

Program Description
The post-WW2 world order of the past 70 years is changing. Institutions formed to bring about recovery and reduce the risk of another war are under stresses not seen before. Trade and political cooperation n between European nations has only grown since 1945, yet new strains on those relations are emerging, while relations and trade with other countries of the world have begun to shift.

This class allows students to combine the opportunity to learn more about the history of the EU and global trade concepts, examine events and trends in the EU, and look into the future to anticipate how the EU might continue to evolve; with the cultural opportunity to experience Brussels and Rome as a tourist with several days just for sightseeing. We will visit the EU headquarters, interview officials, and develop our own forecast of the future of the EU. Concepts learned will benefit anyone planning of working for an organization involved in international business.

Program Highlights

  • Learn international trade concepts, evolution of the EU, current political and economic forces in play, and examine issue papers prepared by the EU and others on these topics
  • Travel to Brussels and Rome to visit EU headquarters and meet with EU and national government officials, while having significant free time for enjoyment of the cities.
  • Develop a final report including concepts learned, summaries of interviews, & team forecast of the most likely look of the EU 5 yrs hence. Will others leave the EU? Will relations with China, Russia or the US change?

Online Course Dates: May 27 - July 22, 2020
Travel Course Dates: June 13 - 29, 2020

BUSN 5500: Professional Seminar (Trade and European Union)
Faculty Leader: Paul Rochette
The course will cover what is the EU, why it was formed, how it evolved, and intended gains of economic integration. The class will study political and economic issues within the member countries and how they might play out, and ultimately what that means tot he US and the rest of the world. The study will include conversations with EU and national government officials, local business, US Change of Commerce, political leaders and other TBD. It will combine lectures with practical quantitative and qualitative research. The course will also include elements such as the structure of the EU, cultural differences between members, historical context, geopolitical forces, immigration, US perspectives and macroeconomic issues.

Course Syllabus
BUSN 5500: Professional Seminar (Trade and European Union)

Program Cost
Program Fee: TBD
Study Abroad Fee: $175
Application Deposit: $100

Students may be eligible for the following Webster study abroad scholarships:

  • Next Century Leaders Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Marilynne Bradley Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Study Abroad
  • Dr. Roy Tamashiro Endowed Travel Scholarship

For a complete list of available scholarships along with eligibility and requirements, please reference the Study Abroad scholarship website.

Summer Break Scholarship Deadline- March 15th, 2019

Application Process
Application Deadline: March 15th, 2019

To apply, follow these steps:
1) Ensure you meet the study abroad eligibility requirements
2) Start an application via the Webster online application system
3) The application will ask you to fill out a number of forms, pay the $100 study abroad fee*, write a brief statement of purpose, and submit a passport-sized photo.

*The $100 application deposit is refundable to if ALL of the following conditions are met:
1) Student attends the program
2) Student completes the pre and post-study abroad surveys
3) Student does not have any outstanding program charges.

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