The Shadow Economy and International Financial Fraud | Webster University

BUSN  9950/ BUSN 3100: The Shadow Economy and International Financial Fraud  (Vienna, Austria)--CANCELLED

Online Course Dates: June 23-27, 2014
International Travel Dates: May 26-July 25, 2014
Credit Hours: 3

The course analyzes the so-called “shadow” or “underground economy” as an “illegal” part of the overall economic system. The course begins with basic analysis of the extent, background and motivations of the “shadow economy.” This is followed by an analysis of how this segment of the economy is financed outside the banking system, looking specifically at the issue of money laundering. Specific areas are then examined in detail, specifically corruption and public procurement, organized crime and terrorism, tax evasion and non-compliance, and securities fraud, focusing on recent scandals such as Madoff and Stanford, as well as recent frauds in Austria. The course concludes with an overview of the extent and nature of the “shadow economy,” specifically in the focus areas covered by the course.

Tuition - Summer 2014 Online Tuition
Study Abroad Fee (non-refundable after deadline; due with application) - $150
Program Fee - $2,000 (see Course Information for details)
Deadline (for application and deposit) -April 25, 2014
Instructors-Peter Grumpel & Svelta Porenta