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Spain Housing and Student Life


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All students live in homestays during the program. The University of Oviedo facilitates accommodation with families in order to foster a greater degree of student integration and to provide them with the chance to practice the Spanish language and become acquainted with Asturian and Spanish cultures. Students will be provided with full board; the host family will cook the meals for the students. Students are encouraged to discuss their special dietary requirements with their host family; but, students should understand that families may not know a lot of options, vegetarian or otherwise.

The allocation of accommodation is a service that the University of Oviedo Spanish Courses provide free of charge, with no kind of contractual relation being established with either the families or the students.

Students are expected to be respectful of the family and of the rules and expectation of the household.

At the end of the course, students will be given the opportunity to fill out a survey and score the treatment they received from the family.

Student Life

Every year, Universidad de Oviedo receives more than a thousand foreign students. It is a destination that is highly sought after and highly valued by international students owing to its academic prestige and its privileged location in a setting such as that of the Principality of Asturias. In order to make the legal and academic paperwork easier and to help foreign students in their process of adaptation, the University of Oviedo makes a broad network of services and advice available to them that will help them to resolve their question expeditiously.

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Through the International Student Office, they will get all the information and support they need to complete the legal and academic paperwork and to carry out all essential paperwork, such as opening a bank account or to study the different accommodation options.

Help in the first few weeks of their stay will also come from fellow students. The a-dUO program puts the new student in touch with a Spanish student from the same campus, who will advise them and guide them during their first few weeks in Asturias.

Foreign students may take advantage of the Mentoring Service that provides help from a Spanish student from the same campus who can facilitate their integration in university life and give them advice on accommodation, campus life and other practical issues. They may also take part in the Tandem Programme, which consists in exchanging conversation classes with a Spanish student. In addition to all this, the Course Programme includes other activities, such as a welcome meeting, literary competitions and video showings.

Foreign students will also have a wide variety of cultural, sporting and leisure activities available to them promoted by the University or student associations. Currently, all students can participate in the following activities: film cycles, theme days, excursions, guided visits to Asturias' main cities, cultural events, and attendance at sports events, among others.

Many of the extracurricular activities offered by the Spanish courses are organized by the student associations AEGEE and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Every year, both associations prepare a program of activities (guided visits, films, dances, trips, dinners, hiking excursions, sports activities, etc.) so that foreign students can enjoy the city of Oviedo and the region of Asturias, as well as getting to know other Spanish cities.

The goal of the complementary activities is twofold. On the one hand, the aim is for students to gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of Spanish and Asturian culture outside the classroom in a direct way. The other aim of these activities is to serve as “tasks” (projects and activities carried out using the language) that allow students to practice the knowledge they have acquired of both Spanish language and culture via teacher-guided activities.

In addition, the academic institution has fully-equipped sports facilities and modern, refurbished accommodation for students, lecturers and administration and service personnel.