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Program Dates

Spring Semester 2019 - Cursos Generales de Lengua y Cultura Españolas (General Courses of Spanish Language and Culture)

Date Program
January 6   Arrival/Move-in Dates
January 7 - May 17 Course Dates: General Courses*
May 18 Departure/Move-out Dates


Summer Term 2018 (May-July) - Cursos Intensivos de Español de Verano (Summer Intensive Spanish Courses) 

Date Program
May 26 Arrival/Move-in Date
May 27-July 26 Course Dates:Intensive Spanish
July 27 Departure/Move-out Dates: Intensive Spanish


Summer Term 2018 (July) - Curso Intensivo de Verano de Julio (July Intensive Spanish Course)

Date Program
June 30 Arrival/Move-in Date
July 1 - 26 Course Dates: Intensive Spanish
July 27 Departure/Move-out Dates


These dates are tentative. Additionally, students taking courses in regular academic departments outside of the Spanish Language and Cultural program may have a different calendar. For exact dates, please contact the Office of Study Abroad. Please do not use the information above when booking travel

Please note that in order to be eligible for the Webster World Traveler Program (WWTP) free round-trip airfare award, students must earn a minimum of 6 credits while abroad during the summer. Therefore, only the May-July program meets the WWTP eligibility requirements.  



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