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Geneva Academics

Undergraduate students of all majors are welcome to study abroad at Webster Geneva. The campus offers a wide variety of general education courses and electives in addition to core courses for majors such as Finance, Economics, Business and Management, International Relations, Media Communication, Computer Science, Photography, and Psychology.

Graduate students pursuing their degree in Management and Leadership (MA), International Relations (MA), Counseling (MA), or their MBA can take their core classes at the Webster Geneva campus.

Students can study for an academic year, full semester, 8 week term or summer term. Undergraduate courses are generally taught in an 8-week format, with occasional 16-week courses. All courses, except French language are taught in English.

Current Schedules

Spring 2021 Undergraduate
Spring 2021 Graduate
Fall 2020 Undergraduate
Fall 2020 Graduate
Summer 2020 Undergraduate
Summer 2020 Graduate
Spring 2020 Undergraduate
Spring 2020 Graduate

Detailed course descriptions for all Webster courses can be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs.

2020-2021 Courses in Media Studies and Photography

Geneva Internship Opportunity

There are two internship placement opportunities available to Webster University students through the Kent State University Geneva Internship Program. Webster students must notify the Office of Study Abroad with their intent to apply for the Internship Program and must submit a cover letter and one-page resume by March 30th for fall or September 30th for spring.

Nominated students will be notified the following week and will go onto apply through Kent State University's Internship Program Application. Students must apply and meet the required academic qualifications (e.g. GPA 3.3 cumulative, detailed cover letter, resume). The internship environment is extremely competitive and internships are not guaranteed.

The Internship Program is comprised of two elements – the internship placement and the internship seminar.

1. Internship Placement: There is not a set list of possible internships; each applicant is reviewed and a tailored internship is sought for each eligible student regardless of their major. Given the nature of the internship sites and the work of the organizations, some majors are more feasible to achieve internships for than others. We will do our best to assist all eligible students regardless of their major. There is no exact timeline for when students may learn of an internship offer, although most students do receive an offer prior to departing for Switzerland. Once an offer is made, it is highly recommended that the student accept the offer, as it is rare to receive more than one internship offer.

All internships are non-paid due to Swiss immigration policy, but the Internship Program does award students 3.0 academic credits.

Interns work 20 hours per week if placed at an International Organization and 15 hours per week if placed at a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Students who intern at an International Organization must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours in addition to the Internship Seminar and students who intern at an NGO must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours in addition to the Internship Seminar. Course loads are established by Swiss immigration requirements for student interns.

2. Internship Seminar: Student with an internship placement enroll in ISTL 2500: International Field Experience and academic credit is awarded upon successful completion of the internship placement and internship seminar course.

Full Degree Programs at Webster Geneva

Below is a list of all degree programs offering in full at Webster Geneva. Additionally, Webster Geneva offers a wide variety of Global Citizenship(GCP) courses, French language and electives.

Academic Requirements & Registration Guidelines

  • Please note that all course offerings are subject to change. Changes in faculty availability and student enrollment can occasionally result in course cancellations.
  • Students must register for a minimum of 6 credit hours per term or 12 credit hours for the semester.
  • Courses must be taken locally at Webster-Geneva. Online courses and independent study course do not count towards the minimum.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated.
  • Full semester classes will be noted on the schedule.
  • Attendance is expected and required; absences will negatively affect grades.