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Thailand Student Life


The Webster University Thailand student campus is student-oriented and has a family-like community that is engaged, active, accepting, and caring. Students are committed to campus life and learning outside of traditional classroom settings. They have a variety of clubs including the Business Club, Media Club, International Relations Club, Rotaract Club, Music Club, Psychology Student’s Association, and Dance Club.  These clubs hold different events including bringing in speakers and guests related to their subject area.  They also have sports clubs, including Badminton, Football, and Basketball, that hold weekly practices and have various tournaments throughout the year. These extra-curricular opportunities allow students to pursue individual interests and socialize with other students, as well as develop life skills.

In addition to the clubs offered at the Thai campus, the campus holds a variety of seasonal and holiday events from Thailand and different countries and cultures to celebrate the diversity of the international student body. For example, the Thailand Campus holds events such as the celebration of the Thai holiday of Songkran, the Thai New Year’s celebration in April. Additionally they offer culture courses, such as Thai Ways and Thai Literature, to give students a unique, in-depth interaction with Thai culture, giving their everyday cultural experiences more meaning.

The Thai campus has an assortment of excursions for study abroad students and their home campus peers. These have included Thai culture trips with homestays, and other excursions around Thailand. Some excursions have taken place close to the Cha-am campus such as to the sites around the Phetchaburi Province (rich in Thai history and home to the Thai royal family’s summer palace) and to Sam Roi Yot National Park (the site of an enchanting cave temple and beautiful ocean views).  They have also taken place farther away in Thailand to places such as Erawan National Park (home to the famous waterfalls with unique light-blue waters) and to Koh Samui (one of the most famous islands of Thailand).  These trips give students the opportunity to explore Thailand within the confines of university-organized excursions to get a different perspective and a greater understanding of Thailand outside of their normal, everyday interactions.