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Course Offerings

Roehampton Course Offering

Webster University students who study abroad at the University of Roehampton will receive academic credit at Webster University for all courses. Depending on the type of program and the student's major, specific course equivalencies may vary and are subject to review by individual departments.

Students will register for courses as part of the direct application process to Roehampton. Students will not see the final grades on their Webster record until after the official transcript arrives from Roehampton and is entered onto their record. Due to a difference in academic calendars, this happens several months after program completion. (Fall grades arrive in late March of the following semester, and Spring and Summer grades arrive in late October of the following semester).
Depending on the individual student's major, the credits from Roehampton will apply differently at Webster University. It is important that students maintain contact with their home-campus advisor regarding this.

Courses at University of Roehampton are called "Modules." A student studying abroad at Roehampton for a semester will take three modules and earn 15 US credits for the semester. The Office of Study Abroad works with students and their academic departments in order to obtain course equivalencies for the modules they take at Roehampton.

Click here to access the full University of Roehampton Course Catalog.

Course Equivalency
Although Webster students are welcome to take any module at University of Roehampton, several courses have already been evaluated for equivalency here at Webster. Below are courses with Roehampton that have already have established Webster University equivalents. The OSA has categorized these by subject type. If you are interested in taking a course from the Roehampton course catalog for major or minor credit that is not listed in the chart below, you will need to us the OSA's Course Evaluation Form to have the course evaluated by your department. For GCP evaluations, you should speak with your Study Abroad Advisor.

Media & Communication Studies
University of Roehampton Course Webster Equivalent
CUL020N273: Media and Social Change: Class, Race, and Ethnicity MEDC 2800 (SSHB)
CUL020C911: Media City and Cultural Capital MEDC Elective (ROC)
CUL020X328: Internet, Democracy, and Society MEDC Elective, JOUR Elective
JOU020C106: Reporting Britain JOUR 3080
JOU020N205: Politics and the Media MEDC Elective, JOUR Elective
PHT020C108: Digital Photography Workshop PHOT 1010 (ARTS)
FLM020N214: Thinking About Film FLST 3160
FLM020N240: Experimental Cinemas FTVP Theory Elective
FLM020N237: Forms of Documentary FTVP Theory Elective
FLM020N244: Writing on the Screen FTVP Theory Elective (ARTS)
FLM020X340: National Cinemas - France FTVP Theory Elective, FLST Elective (ARTS)
FLM020X370: Guerrilla Filmmaking FTVP Elective
FLM020X371: Cult Film and TV FTVP Elective, FLST Elective
ENG020N226: Victorian Literature: Politics, Sensation and Sexuality ENGL 2250
ENG020N229: Origins and Developments of Children's Literature ENGL 3500
ENG020X323: Shakespeare as a Literary Dramatist ENGL 4150
ENG020N250: Shakespeare in London ENGL 4160
HSA020C116: Philosophy, Film and Literature ENGL 2210
CRW020N299: Hidden London ENGL 1044
ENG020N261: Magic, Murder, and Mystery in London Literature ENGL 1044

Arts & Sciences
University of Roehampton Course Webster Equivalent
ANT010N928: Research Methods in Anthropology ANTH 2825
BSS020N237: Physiology & Metabolism EXSC 3050
DAN020X344: Gender, Sexualities, and Performance ANTH 4330
HSA020C110: Classical Philosophy PHIL 2510
HSA020C121: Introduction to the Study of Religion RELG 1000
HSA020C143: Introduction to the Ancient Archaeology ANTH 1300
HSA020C151: Sacred Myth, the Bible, and History RELG 1060
HSA020N207: Aesthetics PHIL 3210
HSA020N219: Histories PHIL 2000
HSA020N270: Philosophy of Religion PHIL 3200
HSA020C115: Modern Philosophy PHIL 2520
HSA020C147: Islam RELG 3200
HSA020C148: Jewish Thought and Practice RELG 2085
HSA020N228: Moral and Political Philosophy PHIL 2300
HSA020N230: Epistemology PHIL 3300
HSA020X321: Philosophy of Science PHIL 3310
HSA020X325: Continental Philosophy PHIL 3320
SOC020N216: Londonopolis: Exploring the Global City ANTH 2000
PSY010C910: Social Psychology PYCH 1100 (SSHB)
PSY010C912: Mind, Body, and Brain PSYC Elective
PSY010N920: Developmental Psychology PSYC 2000
PSY010N923: Perspectives on Consciousness PSYC Elective
PSY010X934: Health Psychology PSYC 4300
CRM020C107: Criminology: Theories, Concepts, Ideas CRIM 1100 (SSHB)

Fine Arts
University of Roehampton Course Webster Equivalent
HSA020C104: Introduction to Classical Art ARHS 4600
DRA020C199: Introduction to the London Stage THEA 1050, THEA 1005, MUSC 1070 (ARTS)

Please note that classes will run subject to minimum numbers of enrollments; the objective is to offer all students a place in one of their top three modules choices.