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Course Offerings at Oxford Brookes University


Undergraduate Course Offerings

As one of the UK's leading modern universities Oxford Brookes University offers excellent teaching and plenty of support to help students achieve internationally respected results.
Oxford Brookes undergraduate courses vary from traditional academic disciplines, such as Mathematics, Psychology and Biology, to more career-orientated subjects, like Accounting and Finance.
Oxford Brookes’ flexible program enables students to customize their study so that it meets the academic requirements of Webster University.  Students can choose from a wide range of subjects.  Students can usually include more than one subject in their program of study.

  •  Arts and Humanities (including English, Fine Art, History and Music)
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Business and Management (including Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing Management and Business Information Systems)
  • Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Multimedia and Sound Technology
  • Education, Early Years and Teacher Training
  • English Language
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Health and Social Care (including Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Social Work)
  • Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism
  • Languages (including French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Spanish)
  • Law
  • Media and Communications (including Communication, Media and Culture, Film Studies and Publishing)
  • Philosophy, Religion and Theology
  • Social Sciences (including Anthropology, Geography, International Relations, Japanese Studies, Politics, Psychology, Sociology)
  • Sport, Exercise and Nutrition

 What are modules?

Undergraduate courses at Oxford Brookes are made up of modules - self-contained classes that are taught and assessed independently of each other.One Oxford Brookes module is equivalent to one Webster University course.
A single module will involve approximately 150 study hours in total, which includes attending lectures and seminars, as well as independent study and assessment. Some modules are double and involve approximately 300 study hours.
Students at Oxford Brookes are expected to spend more time studying independently than at Webster University.


Our academic year is split into 2 semesters starting in September and January. Each semester consists of a 12 week teaching period followed by examinations.

Students need to take the equivalent of 4 single modules per semester; equivalent to 12 credit hours.  Students can add a 5th module if it is a language module (Academic English, Spanish, French etc.).

 Students need to select modules from Oxford Brookes’ online Undergraduate Modular Handbook.

 Students will normally study 4 modules each semester. However in their application they should choose 5 or 6 modules per semester to allow for circumstances such as timetable clashes.

 All credits gained at Oxford Brookes are transferable to Webster University.

 Credit Equivalences

 Credits at Oxford Brookes are awarded for each module in the United Kingdom Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS). The chart below shows the equivalency with Webster University's credit ystem.


  Oxford Brookes Modules                    CATS Credits    Webster Credits
1 single module                                              15                       3.75
1 double module                                             30                       7.50
1 semester workload (minimum)                    60                       15
2 semesters workload (minimum)                 120                      30


Undergraduate Modular Program

The academic year is split into two semesters. Each semester consists of a teaching period followed by examinations.
Students must ensure they are available for all periods marked as teaching and examinations and be ready to be available during re-sit examination periods.

Students should contact their faculty for more information, including the confirmed schedule of examinations for their program of study.
Courses that have a significant practice component may fall outside of normal semester dates.

 How to use the Undergraduate Modular Handbook

The Undergraduate Modular Handbook is an online tool for students to research and select their modules for each semester.

When you have found the modules you wish to take, please note the course codes as you will need to include these in your Oxford Brookes application.