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Housing and Student Life at Oxford Brookes

    Oxford Brookes Village

Webster students will be housed in one Oxford Brookes residence halls right on the campus. Halls provide somewhere convenient and comfortable to live with other students, near your place of study.

Halls of Residence

The university halls of residence are a great way to meet people and make new friends. Students will find yourself alongside people from all over the world so you can learn about different cultures and meet a real mix of people. The halls provide a safe and secure living environment: they all have supervisors, wardens and security guards to help make your stay trouble free.

All the Brookes' halls of residence are on campus, or a short walk or bus journey away. The Brookes Bus service connects all halls to the main Headington campus and the town center. All students receive a free Brookes Bus pass.

The halls are self-catered. In these halls students will have their own bedroom (only single rooms are available), with “en suite” bathroom containing a shower, basin and toilet. In self-catered halls students share a kitchen with a small group of fellow students; students can cook food for themselves. Oxford Brookes has made a huge investment recently to upgrade its halls of residence. They are first rate.

Sports, Social Scene, and Campus Life

Oxford Brookes campus facilities are excellent and have a lively sports and social scene and student will have the chance to meet lots of new people—everything a student needs to make Brookes their new home.

It's more than likely that the majority of your time will be spent on campus, so the University has ensured that everything you need, both for your studies and general day-to-day life, is only a short distance away.

The campus has residential accommodation, playing fields, a library, computer rooms and Brookes Union shops. And when you need a bite to eat, there are numerous cafés, snack kiosks and bars, as well as catering facilities serving breakfasts, lunches and evening meals.

Facilities include: Centre for Sport; Libraries; Computer Services; Medical and Dental Care;

Meals and Catering; Shopping (with a well-stocked convenience store right in front of Johns Brookes Building) and Banking.

Leisure Time

A big part of student life in the United Kingdom is meeting new people and relaxing with friends.

At Brookes they have plenty of places for students to take a break from work, meet up with friends and socialize.  They even organize regular social events, like sightseeing and trips to Stratford and the Cotswolds to help students experience life in the UK. The events are a great way of meeting other students from across the University.

Brookes also offers Global Buddies to provide a friendly welcome for new international students, helping them to settle into life in Oxford.

The Brookes Union is at the center of the University's social scene and there are over 80 different societies students can join, including various international student clubs like the Japanese society or the Hellenic society. The student societies cater for a wide of interests, from snow sports to salsa dancing, so students can meet new people and experience something different.

Playing sport is a great way to relax and joining one of the 40 sports clubs that are available will also introduce students to other people at Brookes.

Transportation - Local


Oxford Brookes has its own Brookes Bus!

Getting students from A to B quickly and cheaply, the Brookes Bus service links all three campuses with the halls of residence, Oxford city center and local supermarkets.

Free Brookes Bus passes are available to students living in halls of residence and provide unlimited travel on all Brookes Bus routes (except after midnight).


Oxford is well connected by road and rail, with London, Birmingham and Bristol all within easy reach. Students can hop on a coach to London from a bus stop right outside OBU’s Headington and Wheatley campuses and be in the West End of London within 90 minutes. Buses run 24 hours a day, every 10 minutes or so during the day.  The West End is an area of Central London containing many of the city's major tourist attractions, shops, businesses, government buildings and entertainment venues (including the commercial West End theatres).

Students can get discounted travel on various bus routes within Oxford and discounted travel to London, Gatwick and Heathrow.

If Europe beckons, students can reach Paris or Brussels via London and the Eurostar in just five hours. Buses to Heathrow airport run often during peak times and the journey takes 70–90 minutes. Buses to Gatwick run every hour during peak times; the journey takes an hour and a half.

Events for international students

During the year there are a range of social events to help international student learn more about Oxford and the surrounding area, and to meet other students from around the university.

The events are organized by the International Student Advice Team (ISAT) and Oxford Brookes International. Through the year they include:

  • Day trips to Bath, Cambridge, Stratford and Cardiff
  • Sports events
  • Guided tours of Oxford and local attractions
  • Quiz evenings
  • End of semester parties

Student societies

There are more than 60 student societies at Oxford Brookes – a great opportunity for students to meet up with other students who share interests.