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Amanda Cayton

Amanda Cayton
Program Location
: Tokyo, Japan
Term Abroad: Summer 2013
Major: International Relations

I chose the summer Japanese intensive program at Obirin University because I wanted to become reacquainted where I grew up and to practice my Japanese skills. Before going to Tokyo in the summer of 2013, I had no expectation of the whole study abroad experience. I felt like I knew what to expect and nothing was going to surprise me. After the program, my previous notions were the opposite!

Throughout my stay at Obirin University my most memorable experience besides meeting amazing people was when I participated in a weekend homestay opportunity with a Japanese family. It allowed me to be immersed the language and see how a typical Japanese family life operates. The best tip I can give anyone who studies abroad is to remain open minded to what you don't know and allow yourself to experience life outside your comfort zone. The benefits of study abroad allows you to grow as an individual and helps discover parts of yourself that you didn't think was possible.