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Celia McManus

Celia McManus
Program Location:
Vienna, Austria
Semester Abroad: Spring 2012
Major: Art

I knew when I enrolled at Webster that studying abroad at one of the their international campuses was going to be at the top of my priority list. As a student (and lover!) of art and music, I had my sights set on going to Vienna from the start. Traveling to study in the land of masters such as Beethoven, Mahler, Klimt, and of course, Mozart, was an invaluable opportunity; one that I knew I'd cherish forever.

The Webster Vienna campus, being located in the heart of Europe, attracts a fascinatingly diverse student body. I made so many interesting friends from all over the world. Their perspectives and experiences always added unique and insightful elements to our classes. I grew to find this aspect of my classes invaluable and enlightening.

The Viennese culture is one that I grew to be very fond of. Some of the most meaningful works of art I had pored over in my art history books were now within the city limits of where I lived. I spent hours in museums and galleries, and whenever I needed a break, there was always a quaint coffeehouse nearby for me to visit. I attended glorious opera productions and concerts featuring renowned musicians from all over the world.

As I was located in the center of Europe, I was perfectly positioned to explore several other exciting places. I traveled to Budapest, Geneva, Salzburg, and Prague. Planning and making those trips were experiences that greatly heightened my confidence and gave me a stronger ability to cope with the unexpected.

My time in Europe gave me an entirely new perspective on the world and my life. I will always be grateful to the Study Abroad Program and the Webster community for helping me make this trip the highlight of my college experience