Jeffrey Wilhite-Rwanda | Webster University

Jeffrey Wilhite

Jeffrey Wilhite
Program Location:
Rwanda (short term) & Thailand
Semester Abroad: Spring 2011; Spring 2012
Major: Psychology

My study abroad opportunities at Webster have given me the opportunity to grow and develop into the person that I am today. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to go to Rwanda on a short term study abroad trip and Thailand for an entire semester.

My time in Rwanda was hands-down the best experience of my life. It broadened my scope on the world and taught me that I could step out of my boundaries and survive. This course gave me the amazing opportunity to travel to Rwanda in East Africa and focus my attention on studying the effects of genocide on society. I found myself thrust into a world unlike any I had seen before, accompanied by passionate instructors and five like-minded students. This culturally immersive opportunity helped me grow and learn more about myself and my place in the world in two weeks than I had learned in years. We were forced to face issues head on that we had never experienced outside of the classroom.

I made some of my closest friends at Webster, as nearly all of us still see each other practically every day. As a direct result, I changed my college focus and shifted my career goals to human rights. Rwanda and Thailand gave me a direction in life, and undoubtedly changed my future for the better. Since then, I feel as though I can accomplish anything.

Jeffrey also studied abroad for a semester in Thailand (Spring 2012).