Leah Anconetani-Leiden | Webster University

Leah Anconetani

Leah Anconetani
Program Location:
Leiden, the Netherlands
Semester Abroad: Spring 2013
Major: Business Administration

When I transferred to Webster University and heard about the Study Abroad opportunities I knew that I would finally get to make my dream come true and go to Europe! Being able to make my biggest dream come true was amazing and life changing.

Not sure where I wanted to go in the beginning, I finally decided that I would go to the Leiden, Netherlands campus. Leiden is about a half hour away from Amsterdam by train and is a beautiful Dutch town. There is a main canal through the heart of the town that will help you find where you need to go. The Webster campus is even located right next to it.

Studying abroad was an amazing experience and I wouldn't change one thing about my time in Europe. The amazing places I went and the amazing people I met made it the time of my life. I traveled to London, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, and other cities in the Netherlands. Traveling throughout Europe is pretty easy and affordable if you book early enough.

Dutch culture is very different from our culture here in America. They are more relaxed and easy going. At around lunch time, on a nice day, you will see them sitting outside cafes or on barges in the canal eating, drinking, and just enjoying the day. Slowing down and just enjoying each minute is one thing that I learned from the Dutch.

Studying abroad was an amazing experience that I wouldn't change for the world. All of the things I learned, the places I went, and the people I met are all just part of the whole life changing study abroad experience.