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McKenzie Johnston

McKenzie Johnston
Program Location
: Guadalajara, Mexico
Semester Abroad: Spring 2012
Major: English and Spanish

I had always wanted to go to Mexico, and seeing that I could study in Guadalajara, one of the safest parts of Mexico, made me ecstatic! I have been taking Spanish off and on for years, but now I would be immersed in it. I was nervous!

Upon arrival, I met my home-stay family. Señora (the matriarch) cooked for us nearly every day. She learned what we liked and disliked, gave us advice, talked about politics, helped with homework, and told us what we should see around the city.

At the Universidad de Guadalajara, there are two classes: Spanish Grammar and Conversation. Students can advance to a higher level each month. The teachers were wonderful and exceedingly helpful.

One of the best parts of the classes was meeting new people. I made fast friends with Serena, an Australian girl. We would often go out after school. One of our favorite things to do was go horseback riding at a local park. We would also go downtown to explore.

Going to Mexico was an incredible experience. Guadalajara is a beautiful, sometimes scary, wonderful city, full of kind people, exciting adventures, and a brilliant culture. If you are looking for somewhere cheap, fun, and very different from the U.S., Mexico is a great place to go.