2012 Photo Contest | Webster University

3rd Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest

Photos from Summer 2011, Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 Study Abroad students.

The Girl on the Stairs

Shannon Bucklin
First Place Winner
"The Girl on the Stairs"

Program: Thailand
I took the picture at the base of the 306-stair climb to the top of the temple. This little girl was all dressed up in her traditional clothing to help persuade travelers to give her some money. As I sat on those steps, she came up to me and put her hands on my knees and smiled. She was too cute, I could not resist that face.

Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison
Second Place

Program: Thailand
Photo Location: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I shot this photo with the wide-angle GoPro Hero 1 camera without a screen. Shooting blindly, I was really happy with capturing this image.

A Friendly Face Along my Way

Mikaelah Stark
3rd Place
“A Friendly Face Along My Way”

Program: Geneva, London, Vienna
Photo Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

My Grandpa had just died while I was in Geneva, and I was not able to attend the funeral. However one of his passions was traveling, so I traveled into the Alps to Interlaken to remember my Grandpa. As I walked between the two lakes flanking the city of Interlaken, I met a friendly face in the fields along my way.

Hold the Line

Jennica Abrams
"Hold the Line"

Program: Geneva
Photo Location: Maurakech, Morocco, Africa
Every time we got off the camels, it had to go in order from the front of the line to the back, opposite for getting back on.

Venice Traffic

Amy Alderson
"Venice Traffic"

Program: Geneva
Photo Location: Venice, Italy

Taken during my fall break trip to Italy.

Winter Bliss

Brittany Brown
"Winter Bliss"

Program: Leiden
This was the first snowfall I experienced in Leiden. The picture captures the peacefulness of the city that I was able to understand over the semester. The fact that hardly anyone is outside shows the differences with the United States culture; the Dutch prefer staying indoors, even if only snows an inch.


Kelly Boruff

Program: Geneva
Photo Location: Zermatt, Switzerland
I was given a great opportunity to use a Swiss rail pass that belonged to a friend. With this pass, I had to think of one place that I would never get to travel to without it. After lots and lots of thinking and last minute contemplating, I settled on Zermatt. Zermatt was a 5 hour train ride away, and with the hours in the day, I would only be able to spend a couple hours in Zermatt before returning home, but I knew of all the places in Switzerland I wanted to see, this was my only shot at being able to go to this location, because the cost of traveling there was far too expensive to for me to be able to afford. I instantly fell in love with Zermatt, with the city's lifestyle, with the people, even with the tourism. This photo of the Matterhorn stands as a symbol of this city. I look at this photo and it gives me a desire to return more than any other photo I have taken and I feel a connection to this place more than any other city I visited. This photo embodies the perfect study abroad experience.

Veni, Vidi, Amore

Nadja Cajic
"Veni, Vidi, Amore"

Program: Geneva
Photo Location: Florence, Italy
I came, I saw, I fell in love with Florence. The amazing food, friendly people, the breathtaking scenery. What's not to love?

Venice in November

Josie Cammarata
"Venice in November"

Program Location: Vienna
Photo Location: Venice, Italy
I took multiple pictures of this seagull as he perched atop one of the Gondola posts, and they came out more interesting than I expected.

Iconic Dutch

Anne Carr
"Iconic Dutch"

Program Location: Leiden
Photo Location: Zaanse Schans

Touristy town outside of Amsterdam, but very iconic – working windmills, farm animals and wooden shoes!

Live From London Eye

Donisha Causey
"Live From the London Eye"

Program: London
This is a picture of me and a friend I met in London at the top of the city in the London Eye.

Amanda Cochran

Amanda Cochran

Program: Leiden
Nathan Levy looks out at de Hooglandse kerk in Leiden while sitting on top of De Burcht, an old Shell keep constructed in the 11th Century.

Regents Park at Sunset

Corinne Eschenroeder
"Regents Park at Sunset"

Program: London 
This photo was taken just outside Regents College at sunset.

Kayaking in Front of Webster Leiden

Sara Gunn
"Kayaking in Front of Webster Leiden"

Program: Leiden
So many beautiful canals and nature surround Webster Leiden in the Netherlands. It's a historic classy European town with fun things to do, adventures to enjoy and kayaks to rent for just 6 euros.

Two Places at Once

Shea Holland
"Two Places at Once"

Program: Geneva
Photo Location: Straddling the border of Lichtenstein and Switzerland in the middle of a covered bridge over the Rhine River between Vaduz and Sevelen, Switzerland
During a trip to Liechtenstein my traveling buddy Mikaelah Stark and I decided to go looking for snow to play in because we were in the mountains and it was technically snowing although there was no accumulation. While walking towards the mountains we came to a covered bridge and unknowingly stumbled upon the border of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Imagine our excitement to literally be in two places at one time! But it wasn't just two places at once, it was two countries at once. Between the scenic view from the bridge, the snow falling and breaking the space-time continuum, it was the perfect day.

Taking on the Matterhorn

Selma Kostic
"Taking on the Matterhorn"

Program: Geneva
Photo Location: Zermatt, Switzerland
While studying abroad in Geneva, our first trip was a ski trip to Zermatt. Let's just say Zermatt was the most beautiful place I had ever laid eyes on. Throughout my trip, I visited countless other amazing places but the beauty of Zermatt and the Matterhorn remained one of my favorite memories. Although pictures do not do this place any justice, my favorite picture was this one submitted.

Sherri M. Littleton Visits Buckingham Palace

Sherri M. Littleton
"Sherri M. Littleton Visits Buckingham Palace"

Program: London
During my last days of my study abroad trip in London, I decided it was finally time to visit the queen's castle. I was so excited that I took pictures at each gate and was thrilled that I finally had the opportunity to see what I have studied and viewed in history books, television shows and movies.  I was so honored and very appreciative to Webster for helping provide this amazing trip.

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

Celia McManus
"St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna"

Program: Vienna
I took this photo when I first visited the Cathedral. It's in the very heart of the city and is thus one of the most popular historic sites in the entire area. Towards the end of the day the staff at the Cathedral turn on these beautiful rainbow lights which light up the entire hall in spectacular glory.

This cathedral became very special to me during the months I spent in Vienna because of its incredible art and architecture as well as its historical significance.

Easy to Spot: A K2 Telephone Kiosk

Mariah Nadler
"Easy to Spot: A K2 Telephone Kiosk"

Program: London
On our way to Buckingham Palace, our friend group stopped for an impromptu photo shoot at this iconic London red telephone box.


Aaron Nandor

Program: Vienna
This is a photo of the main Gothic Cathedral in Vienna, Austria. This cathedral, being one of the tallest buildings in Vienna, is found in the very center of the city.

The Roman Colosseum at Night

Meghan Nehls 
"The Roman Colosseum at Night"     

Program: Geneva
Photo Location: Rome, Italy

My mom had come to visit with me over spring break so we decided to visit a few Italian cities. I took this photograph on the way back from the Roman Forum, my mom and I had gotten a little lost but once we recognized the Colosseum peaking out behind the Roman Forum, we knew which way to head. Not all of Rome is ancient buildings and cobble stone, but that street was still my favorite to walk down, and the view along with the buzzing atmosphere is unforgettable.

Feeding Nara Deer

Amanda Noonen
"Feeding Nara Deer"

Program: Kansai, Japan
Photo Location: Nara, Japan

We went to visit the historical part of Japan outside Kyoto called Nara, where the deer are famous for socializing with people. There were many food carts with biscuits specifically for the deer, so we fed them!


Allyssa Ohlmann

Program: Vienna
The Prater is Vienna's playhouse, a fun open theme park for both tourists and locals to unwind.

Eufrazjeva Bazilika

Yvonne Osei
"Eufrazjeva Bazilika"

Program: Vienna
Photo Location: Porec, Croatia
Eufrazjeva Bazilika, translated as Basilica of Euphrasius, is an early Byzantine architecture and historic center of Porec, Croatia. The photograph is simply framed to give it prominence and to keep the integrity of the building.

Getting Lost in Venice

Sarah Ramrup
"Getting Lost in Venice"

Program: London
Photo Location: Venice, Italy
When I was reading about things to do in Venice, one of the most popular attractions/activities was to walk in the opposite direction of the crowds. My girlfriend and I went in a bunch of random directions, until we found this quiet spot, which I think embodies everything that is Venice. It became a secret spot of ours, and for some reason, throughout the time we were in Venice, we kept coming to it.

Fisherman at Dawn

Erin Timmerman
"Fisherman at Dawn"

Program: Thailand       
I woke up early one morning to go watch the sunrise over the beach and got to witness several early morning fisherman at work casting nets out into the water. There was something very serene and tranquil about the moment that made me want to capture it.

The Bright Side

Jeffrey Wilhite
"The Bright Side"

Program: Thailand
Photo Location: Cambodia
This photo was taken in Cambodia at the Thai-Cambodia border shortly after a grueling 13 hours van ride. This moment emphasize that amidst poverty and hardship, hope and happiness thrive in children.

Parisian Culture Campaign

Lejla Zeyadich
"Parisian Culture Campaign"

Program: London
Photo Location: Musee du Louvre
One of my stops while visiting Paris brought me to the mighty Louvre. I absorbed all that was there and this picture of strangers was snapped on my way out. I think it really shows the almost-mythical experience one has when visiting.