5th Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest | Webster University

5th Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest

Photos for this year's photo contest were submitted under the following four categories:
  • Nature: Plants, landscapes, waterscapes, wildlife, panoramic views and outdoor activities
  • Architecture: Buildings, cityscapes, landmarks, monuments, or places of interest
  • Cross-Cultural Moments: Cultural events, interaction with host culture, defining moment, fairs, ceremonies, holiday celebrations, local festivals, or other cultural activities
  • Global Gorlok: Study Abroad student(s) showing Webster pride abroad (banner, logo, Gorlok, etc.) wearing WU attire in a unique international setting or gathering, or participating in Webster activities and/or excursions.
1st Place: Timeless Drama of Sky, Water & History -- Farzana Chohan
Description: "At this moment white strokes painted a blue sky and an animated blue river provided a perfect image of timelessness. The historical windmills of Kinderjik just enhanced the dramatic effect."

Location: Kinderjik, Netherlands
2nd Place: Reflecting -- Jake Myers
Description: "I really liked this statue of a man sitting by a turtle and looking down into this beautiful pond, so I took a picture."

Location: near Mt. Fuji, Japan
3rd Place: Mount McKinley -- Kannika Wagle Kotigadde
Description: "View of Mount McKinley from Denali National Park"

Location: Alaska
mount mckinley


1st Place: Two Towers -- Debora Aberastury
Description: "One of my favorite shots from my study abroad trip to London. It is one of the many moments when it truly felt like the London I read about growing up; absolutely surreal seeing the two 'towers' together that are so iconic to London."

Location: London England
two towers
2nd Place: La Citta Eterna -- Sophie Ozier
Description: "Obviously the Coliseum is an amazing architectural structure, but it is so old that sometimes it seems to almost blend in with nature."

Location: Rome, Italy
citta eterna
3rd Place: Pondering Parliament -- Gabrielle Deimeke
Description: "This photo was taken from the South Bank. The juxtaposition of the bird and the building makes it really intriguing compositionally."

Location: London, England


Cross-Cultural Moments-
1st Place: Bubbles in Placa de Cataluyna -- Jules Brown
Description: "Tourists and citizens gather in Placa de Cataluyna in Barcelona on a Saturday morning. A man creates massive, beautiful bubbles that attract the attention of younger visitors.
Location: Barcelona, Spain
2nd Place: The Castells -- Emily Stafford
Description: "This photo is of the family tower that won the La Castells Competition in Spain. At the top of the tower is a girl who is probably less than eight years old. They make these towers without any rope or extra materials other than their bodies."

Location: Barcelona, Spain
3rd Place: Gaucho Dance -- Maria Molteni
Description: "Perfect capture of the loving Argentine people and their culture."

Location: Argentina


Global Gorlok-
What Makes You Happy -- Jess Wright
Description: "Since arriving in Thailand, a group of friends and I have been volunteering at a local NGO which supports disadvantaged and abandoned kids. This photo encapsulates what we are trying to achieve as well as the Thai happy and smiley nature."

Location: Hua Hin, Thailand


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